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Day 6 Concerta/ methylphenidate trial

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madwomanintheattic Sat 29-Jan-11 19:08:23

anyone else with dcs on this? we finally caved and are trialling meds.
ds1 is as yet undx but has issues with staying focused, some sensory stuff, and has a huge problem with day and night wetting and daytime soiling.

since taking the meds he has not soiled <am holding my breath> but is still wet. attention seems to be a little better, but we've had a couple of biggish meltdowns.

does this stuff take a while for the body to get used to the routine? he's taking the tablet with b'fast, so we were told they would wear off before bedtime.

he's been off school this week as we are on holiday, so he's been out of his regular routine anyway <wanted to keep an eye on him to watch out for any initial side effects> so i'm guessing that next week when he is back at school will be the real test to see how much difference it is making...

any similar experiences? ds1 is 9.

madwomanintheattic Mon 31-Jan-11 15:55:13

small bump.
soiled on saturday, but not again since... and school shut today as it's -30. bah.

pinkorkid Mon 31-Jan-11 19:19:17 some useful links here on this site about trialling adhd meds.

My understanding of methylphenidate is that it is quickly in and quickly out of the system, that if it is going to work for your dc you will see results quickly with the qualifier that you need to adjust the dosage carefully, start low and keep edging up until you get a dose which is effective and not causing side effects.

Is the doctor monitoring effects frequently?
Or asking you/school to keep records and report back? Eg a strengths and difficulties questionnaire

madwomanintheattic Tue 01-Feb-11 01:38:31

we've had snapsIV for school and home, but the paed just said to trial for a few weeks and then make another appointment to discuss.

i'll check out the link for trialling stuff - thanks!

ARK99 Fri 08-Jul-11 17:12:20

Our son (7) started Concerta at Easter and we did not tell the school as we were made to feel like bad parents (despite them referring him for lack of focus/attention in the first place). Our parents evening last week said he has been different child for a while now (with all teachers in the school noticing the change in behaviour), totally focussed and taking care of his work. There have been a few meltdowns out of school and difficulty getting to sleep at night (but he always had trouble winding down). Generally though our son has matured, been much more responsive and has far better concentration than before. That silly, uncontrollable urge to dash about all over the place has gone and we can actually have a conversation with him now!
Great stuff I think! Finally I believe our son is reaching his full potential..

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