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More house Frensham

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moid Tue 25-Jan-11 15:07:34

Hi, anyone have experience of More House in Frensham?

Worrying about secondary options for DS1. He does not have a diagnosis but struggles in school with sensory overload. Looking for an alternative private school option where he will get supported but also able to achieve academically.

Other thoughts of schools near Guildford, there is really a dearth of options around here.

moid Tue 25-Jan-11 21:19:35

Anyone ?

SkippyYourFriendEverTrue Thu 13-Sep-12 14:00:42

Just bumping this thread.

DS is ASD but academically capable and not struggling at prep school. He is disorganised and struggles with nuance and I would like support with his social skills also. We are looking at More House but are concerned that it might be too 'special'.

Lifeisontheup Thu 13-Sep-12 14:03:06

My DS is there, it has been wonderful for him, he is ASD and has a specific language disorder.
Can't praise them enough, I never thought he would get GCSE's and he's just gone into the sixth form to do three A levels.
PM me if you want anymore info.

Lifeisontheup Thu 13-Sep-12 14:08:13

Pressed post too soon.
My DS has mainly problems with social skills and processing language so found certain styles of teaching difficult eg doing maths tests which were on tape.
They send a lot of boys to University and we have been told that there is no reason why DS can't go, they give them lots of help with life skills which help with becoming independent and more organised.

newlife4us Mon 17-Sep-12 11:17:50

Hi - I have a couple of friends with children at More House who think it's absolutely fantastic and can't speak highly enough of the school. I am also considering this school, later on, for my DS who is only 7 at the moment. I've also heard good things about The Royal and St Edmund's (Hindhead - extending provision up to Y11 from Sept 2013), neither of which are specifically for ASD but have small classes and work well with children with additional needs. I'm going to look at all 3).

Apparently, there's another school near Arundel, similar to More House (I can't recall the name), but have dismissed this due to distance (and would be even further for you).

Please post if you hear or find out about any others as I would be extremely interested.

Njos Fri 16-Dec-16 12:03:22


I guess your son attends More House school. My 7.6 yrs old has sensory based Dyspraxia and struggles with Maths, writing and language difficulties. Do you think More House will be good for him? He is academically working towards national standards in few things and in others at national standards. Also wanted to know if they operate bus service as we live in Berkshire?

Appreciate your inputs and time spent!

Many Thanks

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