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Thanks to davros

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Jimjams Wed 03-Sep-03 09:04:26

Just wanted to say thanks davros- I remember you talking about labelling your son with phone numbers and stuff. I've been worried about school mislaying ds1 iykwim (I don't think they will but heard so many horror stories abour other asd kids in mainstream schools) that I thought that was a really good idea. Anyway I've bought him a medicalert bracelet- it arrived this morning and he's happy to wear it (BIBIC much really be working as he woudln't have worn it a few weeks ago). It says on the back AUTISM NO SPEECH ALLERGIC PENICILLIN and I've left loads of phone numbers with them.

So thanks for the idea. Once less thing to worry about.

misdee Wed 03-Sep-03 09:34:25

medic alert is great. my ex-dh has one that says 'dilated cardiomyopathy, asthmatic, on anti-coagulants'. is it one thats registered with medic alert or just an engraved disc from argos? the registered ones imo are better, as they will have details (some not all) of his medical things. it would be a good idea for anyone eho is allergic to penicillin to have one, but that would just be an ideal world.
i hope the school dont 'misplace' your son.
make sure he doesnt lose the bracelet!!

Jimjams Wed 03-Sep-03 11:51:21

It's a registered one. We've left so many phone numbers with them- and they have doc details etc. I don't think he'll lose the bracelet as I don't think he'll be able to get it off- dyspraxia has its uses sometimes

Davros Wed 03-Sep-03 22:44:29

How lovely to get a thank you just to me That's so nice Jimjams. ID is one of those "little" things you don't think of but is really very important. I didn't think about it for years as I was always with my son but things change, even for our kids, as they do more without us.

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