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sorry can i have some more help please

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alwayswandering Sat 15-Jan-11 01:23:44

oh this is a nightmare
because of everything ive neglected myself
i now have six/seven teeth that need to come out
and a mouthful of ulcers!
no dentist round here will take me nhs-
they all say that i have to pay-and i cant afford it!
im in so much pain that i looked up on the internet about pulling youre own teeth out-
but this frightened me!
what can i do please?

Marne Sat 15-Jan-11 08:47:28

Go to your local hospital, they should have an emergancy dentist at the weekends, if you are in pain and have no dentist they may be able to remove some teath today (i have had a tooth out at hospital when i was in pain). Please don't pull them out yourself, it will be very painfull and if you leave any roots behind you might need surgery.

lisad123isasnuttyasaboxoffrogs Sat 15-Jan-11 09:15:21

Do you know the cost? Dh had a problem few years back and was alot cheaper than thought it was going to be. Also some do payment plans. I would go and see GP and see if he can help with advice.

tabulahrasa Sat 15-Jan-11 13:47:04 aspx?ServiceType=Dentist

find your closest emergency dentist - they'll treat to stop pain, but won't do any more than that - but they'll give you a list of dentists accepting NHS patients in your area

that's what I had to do in the summer (massive phobia)

it was about £20 to have a tooth out and a temporary filling

donkeyderby Sat 15-Jan-11 13:56:19

Was contemplating taking a tooth out myself recently as my dentist refused to take me back as an NHS patient after I missed booking an appointment (I didn't actually miss an appointment).

Found a phone number for NHS dental care who sent me an email with a list of NHS dentists in my area - sorry can't find the phone number but try NHS direct. You may be exempt from charges if you are on certain benefits perhaps? NHS charges are set and you can find them online or ask your dentist to tell you (prices were on the wall at my dentists). Beware the dentist who isn't transparant about charging

I let things slip for years and I am now really pleased I have gone finally. Now to sort out my health....

donkeyderby Sat 15-Jan-11 13:57:16

Oh, and like another poster said, you can get an appointment with an emergency dentist straight away - ours was at a hospital. Good luck!

SummerRain Sat 15-Jan-11 14:28:33

You poor thing. DP had a good few teeth that were in very bad shape but it wasn't as bad as he thought... 2 did have to come out but the rest were able to be filled (if you'd seen the state of them you'd be amazed)

It may not be as bad as you think and although big jobs are expensive metal fillings and extractions shouldn't be too pricey (but trust me, I know first hand expensive is a relative term.... we had to go fairly hungry for a few weeks for the work he did have)

I will say though, once you do get it sorted make sure to take care of yourself... dp has avoided any more problems for the most part by obsessive brushing several times a day. I know it's hard to fit in time most days. I find brushing them while i'm in the shower or while the kids are in the shower or even while the dinner is cooking are the only chances i get some days!

sneezecakesmum Sat 15-Jan-11 14:35:46

Try NHS Direct. They have trained dental nurses to assess problems. They can arrange emergency appointments for out of hours and give advice on finding a nhs dentist (not so easy) and payment methods.

sneezecakesmum Sat 15-Jan-11 14:36:23

PS PLEASE dont attempt to pull teeth! shock

alwayswandering Sat 15-Jan-11 17:46:13

Thankyou everyone
i ended up going to the hospital and they gave me antibiotics and painkilllers
i have a absess
feeling less pain today and happier.
there is a big problem round here with nhs dentist a lot are saying they will only take privite.
last year my dd had to see the dentist but they would only see her privatly
they said they would see her that day privatly or she would have to wait over two weeks nhs.
[other dentists were saying the same]
my dd is under sixteen-is this legal?
[i ended up paying £60 for a filling and x ray]

donkeyderby Sat 15-Jan-11 21:03:34

I think under-18's should get free dental care. It sounds like you need a trustworthy dentist who doesn't take the piss with the charging.
Really pleased that you got to see someone - and that you find an NHS dentist for the rest of it now.

alwayswandering Sun 16-Jan-11 00:23:01

thankyou donkey
yes that what i thought-under 16 get free dental care.

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