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15 hours one to one for ASD 3 yr old

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mompa Fri 14-Jan-11 11:28:41

Hi can someone tell me if this is good. SEN ADMIN agreed to 15 hours 1 to 1 for my DS ASD aed 3 in his mainstream nursery. They are referring to another panel for specialist fudning request. They have agreed to assess for SA - IS this a good result? What happends next. Any help much appreciated. Should the nursery emply aomeone for the one to one with experience of asd? They are not intending to - just to get one of the memebrs of staff to sit with him - is this right? Many thanks

Marne Fri 14-Jan-11 12:41:32

Hi mompa, dd2 was not statemented at nursery but recieved 9 hours 1:1, this was provided by one of the nursery staff (already employed), she had no expereance of ASD but was great with dd2. I don't think they often employ someone else (as long as they have enough staff to cover it). Does the statement say anything about staff training?

mompa Fri 14-Jan-11 13:29:03

Hi Marne I have not got a statement - they have agreed to assess but said they may issue a note in lieu of a statment for now given that he is so young. Should I accept this or appeal. EP report says he will meet criteria for statement by school age

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 14-Jan-11 13:35:03

Tell them politely to stick the Note in lieu if offered where the sun does not shine!. He is not too young at all to receive a statement, they just don't want to pay out yet for such a thing.

You need a statement for your DS as that is legally binding and I would accept nothing less. A Note in lieu is frankly not worth the paper its written on!!.

mompa Fri 14-Jan-11 13:41:38

Thanks you Attila. I will. I just hope I won't be jeopordising his future statement by doing so. I don't know whether he will do best at main stream school or special yet. What would I want the statement to say at this stage given that they have already given 15 hours one to one funding with out it?

Marne Fri 14-Jan-11 14:26:55

We managed through nursery without a statement, i think it depends how understanding your nursery is, we didn't have any trouble and they stuck to the hours of 1:1 they had funding for (which was set up by our portage worker). He is not too young for a statement, if you feel he needs one then appeal.

WetAugust Fri 14-Jan-11 17:32:47

but said they may issue a note in lieu of a statment for now given that he is so young.

Appeal, appeal, appeal!

That's a rubbish ecuse. keep a record of all your converstaons with the and use it to back up your appeal.

Note in Lieu (NIL) entitles you to just that - nil, nothing.

Agnesdipesto Fri 14-Jan-11 18:20:33

We had that provision last year 100% 1:1 (nursery used own staff) + SALT (half termly to termly visit) + autism outreach (was supposed to be weekly TA visit and half termly to termly visit by autism teacher but we only had about 5 visits in a year).

It was not enough.

It depends on whether this will meet need. DS has a list of issues that come with his ASD as long as your arm - severe speech delay, high level of stimming, some minor self injury, tantrumming, intolerance of other children playing near him / with his things etc etc. The nursery staff did not know how to engage him in play or tasks. They got very little support and training as the outreach service never turned up and if they did they gave 'advice' but never set any programmes or demonstrated any strategies.

If its not in a statement then there is no guarantee eg the 1:1 won't be used for other children, or the autism outreach will come as often as they said, or that SALT will happen.

I would appeal for a statement. You can pull out of an appeal at any time - but by the time you got to tribunal (6 months) you would know if the provision was sufficient or not. Whereas if you do not appeal and you put your trust in it working and it doesn't you will be starting from scratch.

What specialist provision are you asking for that is going to panel?

My personal view - and it is my view based on my child who has moderate autism (not mild) and severe speech issues is that very very few mainstream staff have enough experience of autism to deliver autism strategies. It could work with alot of training and support (very frequent visits from outside professionals) with a child with lesser needs. Mainstream teachers have maybe one day training in autism every few years. Nursery staff don't get any training. Its a very low level of knowledge - the nursery are not going to become autism experts overnight.

You must get clear information on how often other services are going to come and what they are going to do to support the nursery.

Also if is going to need a statement in future it needs to be in place BEFORE school so that a smooth transition into school can be organised.

Age has nothing to do it with by the way - its whether the needs are met. My DS got his statement at 3.3 and we improved it at tribunal when he was 3.11. But he should have got his statement at 2.5 as there was no new evidence really his needs were obvious at 2.5 and it was equally obvious that an untrained 1:1 would never be able to meet them.

However it also depends on what you are asking for because if you are not looking for anything extra eg specialist placement / more SALT / OT etc then you will have nothing to appeal against. You need to be asking for more than you have.

mompa Sat 15-Jan-11 00:19:47

Agnes thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Funding has been requested by specialist ASD Unit that we currently pay for 3 sessions a week for.They along with me also asjed for SA. Both his EP and paediatritian report say he needs Autism specialist placement but as yet they are not providing it. I agree his mainstream nursey don't understand how to help him and it is definitely specialist help he needs and I wrote to LEA Panel before meeting to stress this.When will they write back? I am told they have 10 days after deciding to assess. Is this correct?EP also said today that she will be assesing my sonin both settings as part of SA process?I do appreciate the one to one but not sure how much help it will be in practice.

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