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Need all you wise mn's to advise me on non special needs spacious buggy for my nearly 4 year old

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caija Thu 13-Jan-11 23:00:10

Hey all, hoping that you wise ppl can help me out with son Jack, aged nearly 4 has a rare genetic disorder, no name for it as yet, he has complex needs, hypotonia, epilepsy, hypermobility, damage to his brain, n severe developmental delay, but he is doing real well just nw, no big seizures, n is starting to stand, but he has a ormesa bug pushchair at the moment, and we are being assessed now for a wheelchair, however, I would like a non special needs buggy that reclines and will last a while in addition to hs wheelchair, can anyone advise me pls? I was looking at the mountain buggies??


silverfrog Thu 13-Jan-11 23:06:59

we used a Phil & teds sport for ages with dd1.

we started using it when she was 2.10 ish, and stopped when she was nearly 6. she is a very tall girl, and not slim built, and she had room left in it (I htnk we would have got another year if we needed it). the only bit where she really was running out of room was for her feet (which are also huge grin), but she managed ok (the sport is better than the Vibe for this, as has a larger footplate area)

P&T was our best option, as had baby dd2 at the time, so it served us well as a double too.

meltedmarsbars Thu 13-Jan-11 23:07:34

You need to think about whether you will be carrying him into a car seat or will he travel in the chair, clamped into the vehicle? Also, how will he get to school? Also, how much postural support does he need?

We have a Stealth lightening, had it from about 4 yrs old, now growing out of it. It has clamping points on the frame for transporting in school buses and our van. It is set at a recline, has head support and thorax support in addition to the basic structure. However, for years we also had a 3 wheeler Mclaren pneumatic tyre off-road pushchair.

zen1 Thu 13-Jan-11 23:17:41

The Maclaren techno xlr is quite a wide and spacious pushchair. My DS2 age 5 (not special needs, but tall and quite chunky)still fits comfortably in this and it reclines well. Mountain buggies are very strong and the seat feels more hammocked. We bought a 2nd hand one for £65 and DS3 (age 2 and can't walk and probably won't for a while) looks very supported in it. I guess it depends if you want to use it for off road or public transport?

meltedmarsbars Thu 13-Jan-11 23:22:20

The three wheeler we had was one of these

It was lovely!

lisad123isasnuttyasaboxoffrogs Fri 14-Jan-11 00:44:21

Would highly recommend a mountain buggy. Very light, easy to use and my eight year old still fits in her sisters one! Great footplate and great to push. You can sn ones too if he is tall for age.

zzzzz Fri 14-Jan-11 09:19:02

I used a phil and ted for my 5 nearly 6 year old [sometimes we have his sister who is 3 in too], so I am guessing it will do for another year at least. It obviously wasn't made to be abused in this fashion grin but a isn't that heavy and I have 5 kids so it has to be easy to turn because I rarely have more than one hand. If you are buying new, it's worth hitting the sales, becaus eit was pricey full price.

caija Fri 14-Jan-11 22:35:20

Hey everyone, thanks for all your advice, I do already have a P&T's sport, my 2nd one, n my 2nd one to break, love it, but Jack is quite tall now in it, think my next move will be a mountain buggy, meltedmarsbars, Jack has a separate car seat, I don't drive, n Jack is nt at school til a year away in August, he is at nursery but it is 2 mins away from my house so I push him round there in hs special buggy. We are being fitted for hs wheelchair on the 18th Jan, he has previously had a convaid cruiser, and they are lookin into ths again for him, but a bigger one now, I am just looking for a comfy buggy he can have a rest and a sleep in, cos as u all know, wheelchairs are no good on public transport or for sleeping in, or for taking shopping, as no basket, so think it'll b a mountain buggy I go for....any ideas which mountain buggy would be best?? Btw, I loved the P&T's Sport, easy to push, and quite big basket for going shopping etc, but thts two tht have broken on me now, after £400 quid each time, had a Jane three wheeler tht was good too, also broke lol xxx

SookieD Sat 15-Jan-11 14:11:44


I keep thinking about this too as DS currently uses a Convaid Cruiser. It's obviously very supportive for him but is totally impractical for going out and about (as you say, no basket and the stupidest rain cover and sun shade I've ever seen).

The one I fancied was the Delta buggy I should say the picture shows the adult size but the smaller one in black actually looks pretty cool. Alas it costs almost a grand....

sleepysox Sat 15-Jan-11 14:22:49

Have you considered an EIO or any Special Tomato buggy? They are sn buggies, but don't look it at all. They'll fit a child up to around 9 years old, and there's additional supportive pads available if needed.

DS loves ours.

It has a big basket, hood etc and you can buy a large generic raincover from ebay and it reclines.

The hood on a Mountain buggy probably won't be high enough for your son if he's outgrown a P&T. The hood on a Baby Jogger City Classic will be, and it's a dream to push.

I've tried a few of the large buggies on the market that were around 2 years ago with DS1 who didn't walk until he was 2, and couldn't walk far until he was 4, so if you need any advice, I'm a bit of a buggaholic!

5inthebed Sat 15-Jan-11 14:27:49

Baby Jogger City Elite or Classic are great. Very big and roomy and light to push, the fold is great as well. My DS2 is a large 5 year old and fits into one with loads of room left over.

sneezecakesmum Sat 15-Jan-11 14:41:31

Baby city mini jogger is very roomy, but I would try any buggy out in the shop before buying. Ebay is good for buggies - I would consider good 2nd hand as you dont seem very lucky with the longevity of your buggies!

sneezecakesmum Sat 15-Jan-11 14:42:57

PS. DGS is a v. small 2 year old and you need a microscope to find him in it. lol grin

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