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SLT visit tomorrow

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linksandsmileys Wed 12-Jan-11 18:01:43

DS has a proposed statement with indirect SALT (termly visits) and weekly sessions with a TA. I ad to argue hard for this as local policy is to discharge children with AS and leave to school and toolkit etc.

DS is flexi-schooling because he was becoming too wound up by the school day and lashed out a couple of times.

He is nearly 8 and still won't even say hello to his teacher at the start of the day.

School is an enormous emotional drain on him. I can have dreadful trouble getting him in on a daily basis.

This prompted the SALT (during SA) to suggest CAMHS but I believe the anxiety is largely due to communication deficits.

What is the best strategy to try and get increased SALT involvement? Our own SALT says he needs weekly direct therapy as well as indirect therapy.

cansu Wed 12-Jan-11 18:22:32

If your statement is at the proposed stage, then you should ask them to finalise it and then appeal to SENDIST to get weekly SALT. You will need to get some kind of report from SALT stating that his / her recommendation is for weekly direct SALT lasting X minutes. Whatever the local policy is will be irrelevant to the tribunal panel as it is totally illegal. The lA are legally obliged to meet all the needs outlined in part 2 of his statement. You need to make sure that your amendment seeks to have weekly SALT in part 3, as if it is in part 6 the authority are not legally bound to provide it.

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