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To be worried about DS future?

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welshbyrd Wed 12-Jan-11 16:50:08

DS7yo, 8 in August - he had speech and language therapy since 3 years old, until last year. [his speech is much better]. Attended the ICAN because of this.
He did not walk until he was well over 2
He could not jump on spot etc [can now]
Can not ride a 2 wheel bike, and was near 5yo before he could ride a 3 wheeler bike
Struggles with buttons
Still wet bed at night
Can not change himself, if he does, he will forget his t-shirt or, forget to put pants on [ swimming lesson recently in school, he forgot to put his socks on, even though it was snowing outside, and he had to walk back to school]
Low concentration span
There is loads more things,

He yearly sees a child specialist, who informed me when my DS was 4, that DS, could have dyspraxia, amongst other learning problems. He stated he would never diagnose a child until child was 7, as young children develop at different speeds, and can catch up to quickly too
As years have gone on, DS is so severely behind his peers, teachers know it, I know it. He is taken out of his class 3 times a week, for one to one,
He recognises and can write his name, well his first name, but can not read even basic words, even after schools and my perseverance.
Spoke to his teacher yesterday after school, was asking her advice, as to what happens when dyspraxia is diagnosed, she basically said nothing changes, just each class he moves up to will be aware of his problems.
Im terrified of him going up to comp school, and being dismissed, bullied, ignored, well bit of everything really
His teacher last year told me, If I could grade him on effort he would be in year 6

He is a FANTASTIC KID, brilliant natured, abit emotional even, which I think adds to his vulnerability, Has anyone else had dealing with these issues, on a secondary school level. im terrified for him.
Bringing Lambs to the slaughterhouse is coming to mind everytime I think about it

Anyone who has dealing with dyspraxia, any advice would be gratefully appreciated

pinkorkid Wed 12-Jan-11 18:21:06

You are right to try to deal with it now well in advance of secondary application. It sounds as if there are several grounds for concern. As a parent you can apply directly to the lea for an assessment of your child's special educational needs - the concerns you describe here may mean that he should have a statement of sen which will entitle him to additional support. You can find out more from charities like ipsea and there is also info on the directgov website.

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