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On a more lighthearted note ......

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time4chocolate Tue 11-Jan-11 15:04:50

Just found myself having a rare five minutes all to myself so am sitting here with a cuppa and contemplating how I turned into a thick skinned moany old cow and how much I must have changed since first meeting my partner 18 years ago, is it:

a) because I have a DS with ASD and to get anything achieved educational wise you have to be a PITA, assume that everyone is telling you a load of B******s! And to be able to make sure you are shouting the loudest.

b) or is it just that i am fast approaching 40 and have experienced more and not as naive as I used to be in my twenties/early thirties

I feel I have metamorphosed into a dragon, interested to know if anyone else taken on a such a transformation?

MedusaIsHavingABadHairDay Tue 11-Jan-11 15:55:58

Yes very much the same here...

I used to be very shy of putting my view forward..couldn't even take stuff back to shops!

Fast forward nearly 19 years 4 kids and the youngest with MLD and ASD and I can take on the world
I'm 43 now and soooo much more confident in my intuition,.. and I won't take bull from anyone when it concerns my children's needs.

Our local LEA Statement officer is known as (name-the bitch-name) by school and I sent the proposed statement back to her 4 times until everything was down in it as I had written it.. grin Oh she loves me...
However it hasn't just made me stronger in dealing with my son's has made be better at dealing with general life crap!
My 18 yr old started Uni in September.. her brand new laptop conked, was replaced and then the replacement failed 24 hours later.. Currys tried to palm her off in the most appalling way 'you've opened the box so it's used..!!) and she just said, hang on, I'll ring my mother...

put me on the phone to the snotty young bloke , 2 mines later the manager was on the phone.. 10 mins after that she had a better (and working ) laptop after I quoted the sale of goods act at him grin Pre kids I could never have done that, never stood my ground!!

On the downside however I am completely knackered and haggard looking!

NorthernSky Tue 11-Jan-11 17:24:44

Message deleted

NorthernSky Tue 11-Jan-11 17:58:02

Message deleted

NotRocketSurgery Tue 11-Jan-11 19:29:20

on a more upbeat note...

I have made a new year's resolution:

I have vowed to get through the rest of DS's primary school career without speaking to the senco or her equally odious deputy senco.

I had to sit through a totally pointless lie fest with her, SALT and minime in December. Having had a few weeks to reflect on this experience. I have decided. Never again.

His teacher this year is ACE and if he has another one like her next year, we'll be home and dry.

I know it won't last - but it feels soo nice. free like a bird >> >> >>

time4chocolate Tue 11-Jan-11 20:52:38

As I suspected I am not alone then smile

I also have bags under my eyes, grey hair and a new wrinkle every day but I try not to dwell on this, a woman can only take so much!!! grin

auntevil Tue 11-Jan-11 21:03:33

Always was an argumentative old bag - always will be. I just argue about different things now. I'm sure that when i'm older and greyer i'll find even more things to wind me up and get me going!

NorthernSky Tue 11-Jan-11 22:12:58

Message deleted

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