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DLA mobility question

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sleepysox Sun 09-Jan-11 15:39:05

We've recently been given our SN pushchair for DS (15 months) we needed it, not because of his size- obviously! But because of his low tone, so he needed additional support. We've been given an EIO as it was the smallest, lightest most supportive pushchair that had a single handle ie not a mc claren type.

The thing is, it doesn't fit in my car boot, or on the back seat, due to having two carseats in the back. None of the sn ones I investigated I've found would. We accepted it because it was the buggy that best fit our requirements and knew that there was nothing better on the market, that met our criteria.

We can't afford to upgrade our car, so I was wondering what people did in this situation?

Do DLA make exceptions if the buggy is needed due to the child needing extra support, and not because the child is above 3 and not walking?

Any ideas gratefully received...

Thank you :O)

MedusaIsHavingABadHairDay Sun 09-Jan-11 15:56:48

Sorry but the short answer is no.
You can sometimes get a blue badge before 2 (usually of complex oxygen being carried) but the mobility is fixed in stone at 3.

We had a SN postural buggy at 18m and it was a convaid.. and 3 other kids in car seats.. it was a nightmare so you have my sympathies! We had to downgrade to a huge old banger.....

sleepysox Sun 09-Jan-11 16:28:26

Thanks Medusa,
We already have the blue badge, but it isn't much use now we can't fit the EIO in the boot!

I might contact my MP as I feel the DLA people need to consider this problem for future generations of parents.

I hadn't thought of downgrading. Our car is already rubbish though- a Rover 75, so we won't get much in part exchange for that!

Herecomestheninkynonk Sun 09-Jan-11 17:30:57

Hi Sleepy

Just to say, it's a deffinite no, which is so wrong isn't it? Like the blue badge, it should be considered on a needs basis.

Wonder if mumsnet would be interested in backing a letter on this? Just a thought.

sleepysox Sun 09-Jan-11 18:21:32

I would love it if mn could back a letter on this.

How would I go about asking?

Herecomestheninkynonk Sun 09-Jan-11 18:55:48

I'm so sorry, I can't answer that, I'm quite new. Was thinking that with the sway mumsnet mums have here it could be a possibility.

It seems such a silly thing to have an age limit on and I'm facing the same with a baby with too much equipment to take on a bus (unfortunately I don't drive). So would be happy to back you in any way I can.

SookieD Sun 09-Jan-11 19:20:02


Just to add.....we got a Convaid for DS last year when he was 2 as this was the lightest, most compact thing on offer from the wheelchair service in our area.

It wouldn't fit in our car either - physio seems to think the service should have checked our car make first but we were never asked.

Worse than that was when he got a KidWalk (walker) last summer and it had to be transported back and forth from groups. Would only fit in our car if some bits taken off which was not good for the expensive piece of equipment. Had to struggle with this until DS turned 3 3 months ago and we finally got a big car.

It is a silly rule and a Scottish family took it all the way to the High Court or maybe HoL last year claiming it breached human rights but they lost the case, so the rule stays I'm afraid.

sleepysox Sun 09-Jan-11 20:04:27

OK. Well, I'll try and email mnhq and point them in the direction of this thread. I'll also contact my MP and see what they say. When I hear back I'll let you know ninkynonk.
Thanks for the offer of help. I always seem to be on a crusade these days, so it would be great to have some company

Sookie- we did get the OT to check if the buggy fit in our car. BUt it was a mute point really as non of them fit

sleepysox Sun 09-Jan-11 21:10:06

Have contacted my MP and mn- now just have to wait and see ...

Herecomestheninkynonk Sun 09-Jan-11 21:16:36

Like I say, will help as possible

borderslass Sun 09-Jan-11 21:22:23

A neighbour of my mums have contacted their MP over this, their wee girl is coming up for 2 and they have lots of equipment to transport and struggle to.
she has to go to great ormond st on a regular basis as well.

Lougle Sun 09-Jan-11 21:33:49

The thing is, that ALL children under the age of 3 are accepted to need a buggy/transportation of some sort most of the time.

The exception is made with the BB because of the bulky nature of the equipment, etc., but the mobility argument is one that stands.

The criteria for HRM is literally 'unable to walk, or virtually unable to walk'. All 15 month olds would fulfill this criteria.

The cut off is 3 years, because that is the accepted age that a child who is not walking at all, or is virtually unable to walk, would be clearly 'disabled' rather than 'late' in development.

MNHQ can't act on every perceived injustice. They are not going to change this one.

sleepysox Sun 09-Jan-11 22:24:02

They might not change on this one Lougle, but it makes me feel better if I try. I've won a battle recently that I thought I'd never win and that's given me the confidence to try and challenge things that work against my sons and my family.

I do understand the criteria, as I read up before I posted intially, but I feel my point is still valid, as the reason DS needs a sn buggy is not because he's over 3 and not walking, he's 15 months but needs the extra support only a sn buggy can provide, and as you know sn buggies are massive.

I don't mind if I don't get anywhere with this. I've only contacted my MP and MN, so I've not invested a great deal of time. I'm just someone who can't sit back and do nothing, when I feel there is something to be done.

sleepysox Sun 09-Jan-11 22:25:51

I've just re read my post and hope it doesn't come across as aggressive, it's not meant to be at all.

Lougle Mon 10-Jan-11 06:38:12

Don't get me wrong, I do sympathise. But where do you draw the line? DLA mobility is about the recipients ability to take advantage of mobility. The SN buggy achieves that, and the law restricts the mobility comp. to 3+.

What about the person who is unexpectedly pregnant with twins? They may face similar issues.

You are entitled to ask for support, but if MNHQ jump on every issue, their ability to influence is going to be seriously undermined.

Have you looked into a rooftop box? That would solve the issue.

elliejjtiny Mon 10-Jan-11 07:06:43

We have had a similar problem to you although DS2 is 3 in April so a bit older. We have a phoenix patron buggy which just fits in our toyota aygo if you put the seat unit between the 2 car seats and the chassis in the boot with the back wheels rammed in somehow. Good luck with your campaign, I agree the rules need to be changed.

sleepysox Mon 10-Jan-11 08:18:09

WE do have a rooftop box, but as the EIO is a one piece fold, it doesn't fit in it.
With regards to asking mn- I'm sure they won't hesitate to say no if they don't feel they can help, but there's no harm in asking.

I hadn't realised I would find so many people in a similar situation.

I'll keep you posted.

sarah293 Mon 10-Jan-11 08:21:50

Message withdrawn

sleepysox Mon 10-Jan-11 08:56:25

THat's outrageous Riven. The world has gone mad.

sarah293 Mon 10-Jan-11 09:56:11

Message withdrawn

sleepysox Mon 10-Jan-11 10:36:22

Yep grin.

sleepysox Mon 10-Jan-11 20:06:58

MN replied this morning:

"Thanks for getting in touch about this - can we suggest as a first step that you start a thread about this issue in the Mumsnet Campaigns section? We'll keep a close eye on it, and if there is a lot of support we'll certainly look into taking it up."

So I'll start a thread in the campaigns section.

Will everyone whose posted here in aggreement, and anyone else who agrees with us, post a reply in support on the campaign thread I'm about to create please.


sleepysox Mon 10-Jan-11 20:25:18

Have just added my thread to the campaigns section need-DLA-mobility-part-for-some-under-3s

Please respond, it would be great if mn could take this up.

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