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Help need advice on Dcd, dyspraxia, feeling real low

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presario Sun 09-Jan-11 10:09:56

My son has Dcd and usually I am fine with it all but need someone to reboots my confidence as I feel so low.

At his last meeting with occ therapist she suggested my son do exercises in planning and organising. It was suggested he plan trip to shop and follow his own plan to see if it works. This was done at school and went well, then the school started dragging him up and down to the shop getting him to by milk etc. My son who although is disorganised, not good with money, and bad at crossing roads knows how to go to the shop. He came home mortified. I emailed school saying he was no longer to do it.

His learning support teacher phoned me ranting about life skills. How my son needs to get out more and with practice could do more for himself like walk home from school himself. He is 11 and I meet him half way home as he has tocfossbusy car park, which he struggles with as to much going onat one time. She then asked where I see him in 10 years told me he would be living in assisted accommodation after i replied working or at college.

He then came home from school saying he had dyspraxia and this same woman made him feel bad, as she talks to him like he is an idiot. (his words, not mine). He says she is always taking him out of class to do jobs like photocopying and he is sick of it. I knowdcd and dyspraxia are one of same but surely school should use the term in hid diagnosis.

What do I do, now I feel that my son is worse than I thought and my expectations of him were to high.

Ineedalife Sun 09-Jan-11 11:21:46

It sounds like she is overstepping the mark to me. The trouble is you will read on here about loads of teachers etc who don't even try to help.

She probably means well but is a bit hamfisted in her methods. She probably should be taking your Ds out of class to do one to one with him.

You know if your son is ready to do things such as crossing busy roads, don't be bullied into something that he is not ready for.

I think I would organise a meeting with the SENCO and this person to set a few things straight, tell them that they are upsetting your DS and damaging his self esteem.

You are right to have high expectations of your son, he needs you to be his advocate and stand up for him when he can't.

Good luck smile

IndigoBell Sun 09-Jan-11 12:22:36

Absolutely no reason to think that he is worse than you thought, or that your expectations were to high.

On Mon you need to make an urgent meeting with the SENCO and discuss what you want school to do (ie teach him to read and write?) and what you'll do with him at home (ie teach him to cross the road and buy some mild?)

They can give you a list of life skills they think he needs to learn. You then say thank you, and tell them you'll work at them at home.

Then you have a discussion about his academic progress and whether he's on track to meet the expected 2 sub levels of progress this year....

pinkorkid Sun 09-Jan-11 13:33:11

I agree that it sounds as though the lsa is overstepping the mark. I can see the point of the shopping trips up to a point but where is the educational merit in photocopying? I'm not surprised your son is feeling fed up. Good luck with sorting it out at school.

presario Sun 09-Jan-11 14:21:09

Thank you all for your kind advice. I am going to arrange a meeting with the school to sort things out. I know the teacher is doing her best I just dont think she fully understands my Childs needs.

Does the battle ever end

tabulahrasa Sun 09-Jan-11 14:26:28

well as someone who is vaguely terrified of photocopiers though I can just about work them, I wish someone had taught me to use them grin
(is of course joking)

There's no point at all in making him repeatedly do something he can already do (the shop) and there's nothing wrong with meeting him from school, he's 11 ffs.

You're the best judge of your child's ability - school staff are really bad for seeing a label and assuming the worst possible outcome

Ineedalife Sun 09-Jan-11 14:26:48

Err you probably don't want us to answer that presario...grin.

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