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harrow or hillingdon which is best for therapy services

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helentheresa Fri 07-Jan-11 16:06:41

I have just moved to Pinner, My son has CP right hemi, I was wondering does anyone have experience of accessing physio/ot in harrow or hillingdon? My GP has said I can choose who to be referred to as we are on the boundary of 2 boroughs, I want to make sure I choose the right place, somewhere that my son can get regular physio and ot. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. smile

IndigoBell Fri 07-Jan-11 16:50:33

We've had OT in Hillingdon (but for ASD not CP) and we only got a few sessions (but then that is probably all DS needed).

I think the OT in Hillingdon is actually really good - but don't know what the one in Harrow is like.

We got 4 sessions of sensory integration training - which I know from here is quite rare.

helentheresa Fri 07-Jan-11 18:02:31

Thankyou,I just worry because I know once they start school some physio and ot discharge them. DS still really needs regular blocks of therapy.

Eveiebaby Fri 07-Jan-11 20:26:33

We also had OT at Hillingdon - I thought the therapist was good but then I do not have experience of any other O/T's smile.
The leaflet that came through with the appointment explained possible outcomes after assessment. The most you can expect is I think 4-6 group or individual sessions. They do not appear to do regular ongoing blocks of therapy. I have no experience of Harrow.

helentheresa Fri 07-Jan-11 22:08:29

I think I will have to phone them up and ask what I am likely to expect from physio and ot. It is such a post code lottery as I know other boroughs provide ongoing therapy untill the child has reached maturity. confused

colettemum3 Sat 08-Jan-11 00:44:46

I was expecting when reading your thread title that it would of been more along the educational lines and i was planning to shout NEITHER!!! very loudly!! The OT in hillingdon has been ok, although 2 of my three just had OT assessment and one of them went on their faster handwriting course. Third child had a sensory block and that was it. However my eldest was adivsed when she went for a pre assessment at her now current school to see a physio in regards to her lower back. So she was seen at hillingdon and was told that she was ok. Started school, their OT's still not happy got their physio in and rightly so. My daughter had to be referred to their local hospital for 3 x rays on her hips and lower spine. My daughter lacks the natural lower curve of the spine and is closely being monitered for the next few years.
Best bet will try and get the physio and OT written in to his statement. I know my daughter has OT written in to hers.

helentheresa Thu 13-Jan-11 17:51:35

Hi collettemum, funny you should say about education. I met up with a SENCO today and she said that physio/ot from Hillingdon wont go to a school in Harrow and vice versa.
As I am literally on the boundary line between the 2 boroughs one school I have applied for is in Harrow and the others in Hillingdon. So if we get the Harrow school and our physio and OT are from Hillingon they wont see ds or have any input in his school. I think that is awful, at the moment I am erring towards Harrow.confused
I have also been told that Hillingdon have changed the criteria for statementing making it even more difficult for my son to get one.

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