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Hello, anyone have a child with SID/SPD

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Megglevache Thu 06-Jan-11 23:43:54

Any experience?

silverfrog Thu 06-Jan-11 23:45:05

there are lots of us here whose children have sensory issues.

is there anything in particular you want to know/want help with?

Megglevache Thu 06-Jan-11 23:59:15

I have had a recent diagnosis.

I have a wonderful 6 year old boy

I am exhausted- he is hard work to me.

He is so amazing. (I am being a moaner when I should be greatful).

I am pretty sure he is autistic too but I am only to deal with one thing at a time grin

He has physical problems and is very behind with his peers and he struggles socially. I was certain he had Dyspraxia but the assessment OT said no.

Did I mention he is great.

The bizarre thing is he was completely fine until I was 33 weeks pregnant and my whole life tipped upside down. sad He just stopped at almost 3 years old. He stopped talking properly, walking,he was hospitalised with a suspected brain tumour- all tests proved inconclusive.

He was never the same. It's a mystery to me.

I wanted to know if anybody's child had similar.

sleepysox Sat 08-Jan-11 19:17:52

My DS1 is 6 and has SID. He was only diagnosed about 6 months ago. He is exhausting , but totally fabulous. I love his quirky outlook on the world and he's so much fun to be with. He is completely knackering though. He has difficulties making friends and general social interaction and has a phobia of buttons, which makes getting him dressed for school interesting! He is also way behind academically.

Our local hospice came round to assess DS2 for respite (another looong story, too much to go into now) but they saw how DS1 was and said that if they give us respite for DS2, we won't get a break due to DS1. They are contacting our social worker to see if they can sort out more therapy for Ds1 or playschemes etc so we can get a proper break.

I had a stressful pregnancy with DS1 and bled throughout, but I knew there was something wrong by the time he was 14 months or so.

Sorry things have been so difficult for you. It sounds like you;ve been having a rough trot.

Have you read 'The Out of Synch Child' and 'The out of synch child has fun' I found them to be very useful- especially the latter.

TheArsenicCupCake Sat 08-Jan-11 19:44:30

Hi meg..
Ds2 has SID along with asd and a batch of other stuff!

The sensory bit is really hard work ..' the out of sync child' as suggested is a good read.. Also if you have a dx you should know which sensory bits he finds the hardest... So the great news is you can help him

for ds.. We have a wobble cushion, space hopper and a gym ball.. As he seeks a lot of movement..
We do make him go to the supermarket.. But try to go at quieter times and not for a main shop, as that is just too much for him.
We use lavendar, epsom salt baths.
Also fidget and fiddle toys and items, sand art, pin art.. Finger traps etc etc
we avoid certain fabrics for clothes, tumble dry everything so it's soft.. And everything has to have an extra rinse so it doesn't smell ( soaps smells bad!)

basically what I'm saying is there are lots of things you can try out, some will work some won't but you have a great start having a dx
and you can get round a lot of things.. Or sort of get used to dealing with it.

ohmeohmy Sat 08-Jan-11 20:21:22

second what everyone's saying. read up and get to understand your child even more then do what you can. It is exhausting, not least because on top of dealing with your child there is trying to explain to others (strangers in the park, family and friends etc) what is going on for your child. It is not something that can be medicated or trained out of them it is just them. My DS currently freaking at sound of middle of winter...when rain barely stopped all day. Just puttinghim to bed now, phew.

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