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Inter-agency meeting

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DayShiftDoris Thu 06-Jan-11 23:16:20

Ok so have a CAF meeting in 10 days or so but one of the agencies cant make the date so is coming tomorrow as she wants to be involved.

Only found out by chance and I had to say to the head that I wanted to be present - she was very pleased that I was coming though.

It does feel a bit scary... been to appointments but this the first meeting I've had with more than one agency present.

Do I need to take anything? What should I expect?

StartingAfresh Thu 06-Jan-11 23:41:26

Can you take another person? Anyone really?

Tell them that you would like to either write the minutes or approve them/ammend them before they go out officially. If they refuse, say that you would like their refusal to be written in the minutes.

A bit odd that you weren't invited to the CAF IMO. How is it that you are not central to your child's development and meeting his needs?

DayShiftDoris Thu 06-Jan-11 23:56:28

Oh no I am definately going to the CAF!

This is one agency that can't make the date of the CAF so is coming in tomorrow... I think it just didn't occur to head to ask me intially but she was happy when I asked.

Sorry it was confusing - when I said more than one agency I meant them and the school.

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