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Sensory Development Disorder 5 year old help please??!

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mewmewpower Wed 05-Jan-11 15:53:08

I wonder if there is someone out there can help my fraught husband and I? My 5 DS has been diagnosed with a Sensory Development Disorder, as a result, we do have quite a difficult child. We also think he may have a trait of ADHD/Dyspraxia. Last weekend we brought him a new bed, a midi sleeper with steps as we thought he's a big boy now. We have now had a battle on our hands with him staying in bed - we had something similar to this a few years ago and it just seems he's gone completely backwards. We got his old bed out and surprise surprise he's gone to sleep. My husband spent all last weekend putting the bed together and now I feel I just want to get my money back!!! Has anyone else had this problem of not staying in bed and having tantrums about it? I'm not sure if his condition is related to this behaviour trait. Does anyone have a child with sensory development disorders?? Any help/advice would be appreciated, I am so upset and sad ......perhaps the best thing is to ignore his continuing getting up, but it's hard when you've done a days work and your ready bed yourself!!!!

StartingAfresh Wed 05-Jan-11 16:11:55


Welcome to the SN board. I've never heard of Seonsory Development Disorder. Do you have any info/link? Sounds interesting.

Has your ds just been diagnosed?

madwomanintheattic Wed 05-Jan-11 16:37:13

i've two who've had sensory issues - not familiar with 'sensory development disorder' though.

the new bed and getting out thing is quite common for any child though, so it might not be related to any condition.

were you using the same bedding and making everything else as similar as possible? it's possible that new bedding may have felt/ smelt different. had the new mattress etc been aired thoroughly to get rid of the 'new' packaged smell? all of this may have made him feel uncomfortable or unable to relax?

madwomanintheattic Wed 05-Jan-11 16:38:52

is it in the same position in the room? i have one that can't sleep if there is a chink of light, and another that can't sleep if there isn't - so a new position in the room might have given him a new glimpse of street lamp or something - or moved a familiar light source?

madwomanintheattic Wed 05-Jan-11 16:46:42

and don't forget it has been a really stimulating period for any child, let alone one with sensory issues of any kind. the excitement of school holidays, christmas, being out of routine, getting ready to go back to school (especially a child of this age where school is still a new experience anyway) - all will contribute to some difficulties with a normal bedtime routine.

add a new bed into the mix and it will take a little while to get everyone back to 'normal'.

(not saying you shouldn't have got a new bed btw - just that it might take a while to settle)

with dd2, we have always had to prepare long and hard for any changes to routine. lots of repetition for a fairly lengthy period. this way she had some time to get her head around differences before they were sprung on her. was the bed a surprise? or did he help choose it, build it? know that the night before it was put up would be the last time he slept in the old one? three more sleeps until you get your new bed? two more sleeps until you get your new bed? one more sleep... hey, tomorrow we are putting up your new bed! where shall we put it?

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