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mompa Wed 05-Jan-11 14:27:24

I hope someone can help. I have applied to LA for SA., SEN panel are meeting on 12 Jan to discuss this and nursery request for one to one funding. EP report says my DS will benefir from specialist ASD pleacement. My concern is that both the EP and the Early years EECO officer who advices mainstrem nursery have said that it is too early to apply for statment that it used to be the case that you needed a statement for funding but that Surrey now puts funding in place befor a statemnt is issued. EP report states that DS " will likely meet criteria for statutory assesment before starting school in Sep 2012. I have said I am concerned that we are leaving it late. DS has just turned 3. If they refuse to asses should I appeal or go with advise of EP who does seem to want to help. Many thanks for any advise and how much one to one and specialist setting sessions can I expect for 3 year old ASD? We currenly pay for 3 2 and a half hrs sesions a week ourelves

StartingAfresh Wed 05-Jan-11 14:40:27

Well my ds got full-time 1:1 before he was 3 and he is likely to be mainstream for his whole academic career, probably BECAUSE he had the support early.

Surry are a bugger though although arguably not as bad as my LA so if I can do it you can.

Your argument is quite clear. If he will likely need a statement before starting school, then what are they doing NOW to improve your ds' chances of not needing one or needing less intervention then. And what therefore does 'early intervention' actually mean.

That line in the EP's report is actually very helpful to your chances of getting a statement now and perhaps, if she is indeed helpful and nice, she may have done it on purpose. It is the closest she may be able to get to 'your ds needs a statement' without saying it explicitly and being overlooked for promotion!!


TheCrunchyside Wed 05-Jan-11 14:44:28

We got the "this borough provides School action plus so statements are not necessary line".
Sounds like a standard line parents get however high their child's need are.

We politely requested a Statuatory Assessment of needs anyway and now have Statement in place.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 05-Jan-11 14:49:44


If you have already apply for the Statutory Assessment and the LEA say no you can and should appeal their crass decision.

Wouyld ignore anyone who tells you it is too early to apply for a Statement because that so called advice is just rubbish designed to put parents off applying.

missmarples Wed 05-Jan-11 15:33:30

Saying he would 'benefit from' means nothing in legal terms - if they put this on a statement they do not have to actually follow up the placement. I would benefit from a holiday in Florida but the.y aren't going to provide that either ......... My son had a full statement in place at 3 with a place in a special school - if that helps.

Have you any proof that they will provide funding without a statement ? If say they did and 6 months time removed it then you have no legal backup - your statement is technically your only backup to get the funding to stay - although you will still have a battle - the statement has to be really clear and not wishy washy with words like regular access to and benefit from without specificity. Do you have an sen toolkit ? Google it and get a free one - they are worth intend explains everything about statementing

Good luck.

StartingAfresh Wed 05-Jan-11 15:38:48

TBH it is easier to get a statement before school age because you don't get untrained teachers saying they see no problems, and as the parent you are, preschool, their main education provider and as such your opinion carries more weight.

mompa Wed 05-Jan-11 15:43:02

Thanks so much for replies. StartingAfresh how long did it take you to get full time 1:1 and how many hours was this for? Did it help? Currently my son is at mainstream for a day and a half and specialist ASD for 3 sessions.Not seeing any much progress particularly with functional language

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