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Dyspraxia assessment query???

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Folu Mon 03-Jan-11 20:26:30

Can anyone please let me know how I go about getting proper assessment for my 12 year old son.

He has always had difficulties with his school work since primary school and he was given extra help and now that he is in secondary school, he is struggling the more. I finally convinced the school to do an internal assessment and they acknowledge he needs extra help but I think he needs more support than what he is getting.

I am thinking of going private as this has gone on for too long, am I right in my thinking as I am worried for his future???

Hassled Mon 03-Jan-11 20:30:55

Have you spoken to your GP and asked for an Occupational Therapist and Educational Psychologist referral? Because that would be your next port of call. The school SENCo can do that but if they're not especially on the ball, ask your GP. You may even be able to self-refer - google your local health authority and see. If it is Dyspraxia you ultimately need a medic to make a formal diagnosis, but the medic (usually community paediatrician) will take the advice of the OT and EdPsychs.

Hassled Mon 03-Jan-11 20:31:53

And google the Dyspraxia Foundation - they have a symptom checklist.

Folu Mon 03-Jan-11 20:38:50

Many thanks Hassled, I will contact my GP and hopefully get the ball rolling.

Will also goole as you said.


Folu Thu 06-Jan-11 21:52:06

I have got an appointment with the SEN coordinator of the school tomorrow. So fingers x, we agree on a way forward.

Thx Hassled

Folu Wed 04-May-11 20:08:09

The school SEN carried out a flimsy assessment and made recommendations to his teachers.
Was not satisfied, so took it upon myself and went to my GP, who has now referred me to Development clinic in the hospital and they have now contacted the school.

Hopefully we should be getting somewhere.

Aero Wed 04-May-11 21:45:22

I recommend referral to OT. We had it done privately for dd and it has been the most beneficial of all the assessments she's had done. School really weren't on the ball about it and now, of course in hindsight they can see the dyspraxia side of her problems. They were concentrating on her needs which is fair enough, but it is only in getting the bottom of the problem that we can better plan to help her iyswim.

Folu Thu 12-May-11 19:13:22


Funny you should mention hindsight, when I got to the hospital, it was the same doctor that was seeing my son when he was 2 that I met, shame that this was not diagnosed then as it was his speech that was the problem then.

She has referred us to OT, so will hopefully get somewhere

FBJ Tue 17-May-11 06:48:57


Here's some organisations who may help especially in SEN and secondary education.

Dyspraxia Foundation - Advisory Centre for Education - Disabled Parents Network
www. - Special Educational Needs Tribunal

Hope this helps

If you like any more contact me

Folu Mon 06-Jun-11 19:34:31


Many thanks, will look the sites up


Aero Mon 06-Jun-11 21:58:33

Glad you got the OT referral Folu - it really should be helpful. We've recently also seen the NHS OT - referred by the local authority because of dd's difficulties and the need for them to be written into her statement. They have to conducttheir own assessment rather than take advice from our independent one. As it turns out, not surprisingly, both assessments follow the same pattern and both recommend treatment which is good news for dd. I hope you get somewhere with this now and that your ds can be appropriately supported. My biggest concern was about dd's transition into secondary school and how she would fare there - she starts in September........

Folu Wed 08-Jun-11 19:35:55

Well since you've already got a statement, it should be easier as they will have to take this into consideration from the beginning of her journey.

I guess as parents we have to keep on pushing the various organisations for what we want.

I will keep you posted on my journey and wish you all the best.

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