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Anyone recognise these symtoms??

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clg2000 Mon 03-Jan-11 19:19:33

Hi my dd is 7 and has HFA the issue isn't ASD related though. When born she held her L arm strange always struggled getting arms in tops also born with DDH both hips treated with pavlik harness. Then her arm started changing colour il try to describe you see the viens through the skin change from purple red blue then White which then leaves her arm either White rashy or red racy. She's had loads of tests done when a baby and she's starting to notice it more now and get upset about it and it tingled when it happens And apparently they've discharged her as they didn't know what it was . I thought since mums are gods you may have an idea what it could be. Thanks in advance

mariagoretti Mon 03-Jan-11 21:09:24

Would suggest going back to the GP. Find out what the tests she's had done are, and whether a new referral is needed. Cos asd kids can be hard for specialists to figure out, so it's easier to overlook something.

Even if GP and / or specialist say 'it's nothing serious' maybe there is something that can be done for it. Or at the very least try again to make sense of the symptom, particularly since it's starting to bother her now.

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