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Is this a good present or a bit OTT?

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ihatethesnow Sun 02-Jan-11 20:05:32

I work with the most amazing little boy who is so rewarding but his MandD has had a hard year so me and the little boy made them a presest for Christmas which they did not have as it snowed...
Well we made them a tray covered in pictures the varnished.. the pictures are from the year just gone and show the milestones... he helped to cut them out with me and glue them on...
Is it ok or OTT?

lifeinagoldfishbowl Sun 02-Jan-11 20:06:27

Of course it's ok

LunarRose Sun 02-Jan-11 20:40:39

lovely, his is so sweet

chickenfriedrice Sun 02-Jan-11 20:52:30

Sounds lovely

Eveiebaby Sun 02-Jan-11 21:38:38

Sounds like a great present - most parents would love to have pictutes of their childrens milestones smile

mariagoretti Mon 03-Jan-11 21:25:42

oh wow. how lovely is that. not at all ott.

totally national curriculum grin.
choosing, discussing, remembering [literacy]. printing [IT]. fitting them all on [numeracy]. designing cutting sticking [art / craft]. giving to family for Christmas [pshe and RE]

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