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DD loves DPs Kinect but Im aching all over!

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woolyxmastree Sun 02-Jan-11 13:02:24

We werent sure if to get the kinect or not but DP gave me the big sad eyes....and did some overtime so we got it on New Years Eve. In case you dont know its the xbox sensor for gaming without just use your body, no buttons at all!

It is very fun and strange...but OMG my body hurt the next day...and the day after! Im posting on here because I see a huge benefit for DD (ASD), at first she couldnt do it and got angry but now such an improvement in co-ordination, she says, 'Mummy Look at me', its alternative exercise to trampolene bouncing, she will play with another person, takes turns!!! ..and is trying to listen to instructions....allthough she responds best to the on screen visuals. I cant wait to see new games for it...she hasnt looked at her DS or asked to watch films repeatedly. We have to limit gaming time obviously but are happy we found something she enjoys and will play with her cousins.


fightingtheurgetoscream Sun 02-Jan-11 16:21:58

We got this just before Christmas primarily as thought it would help ds burn some energy. He loves it and I really want to get the sports game next. Hoping it will help burn calories and prevent snacking for all of us grin

woolyxmastree Sun 02-Jan-11 19:42:09

We got the sports game as we part exchanged some games and added a gift voucher from MIL...its very good. ...some games are already reduced online.

DP is looking forward to the starwars game...Im sure many vidoes of 40+ men yeilding imaginary weapons will appear on youtube! grin

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