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cold weather payments

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knat Wed 29-Dec-10 11:47:27

Just wondered if we qualified for this. According to DWP sites we don't. We get DLA at high rate for dd and carers allowance. Some other people have said that high rate DLA does qualify but it doesn't seem tobe the case from looking at official websites. We don't get any otherbenefits ie income support etc. Would like to know what you all think. Thanks

nightmarebeforechristmas Wed 29-Dec-10 11:57:47

well dh got it as he is on JSA but dd didn't
rather odd that someone who is just unemployed gets it, but a severely disabled person doesn't

glittery Wed 29-Dec-10 13:58:10

its rubbish isnt it that its only really paid to people on out of work benefits to help with the heating.
to qualify you need to be in receipt of PC, JSA, ESA or IS and have a disabled person or a child under 5 living with you.
info here

hermitmum Wed 29-Dec-10 14:21:15

i get cold weather payments and my son is middle rate DLA, but i'm on income support to so dont know if thats got anything to do with getting CWP

starfishmummy Wed 29-Dec-10 14:31:35

DLA doe not qualify for cold weather payments. There was once an MP campaigning fot it but it never got anywhere

knat Wed 29-Dec-10 15:18:27

thanks everyone - its what I thought!

nameymacnamechanger Wed 29-Dec-10 16:00:22

Is it because DLA isn't a means tested benefit?

I get it as ds receives DLA high rate and I receive income support. It is confusing!

sarah293 Wed 29-Dec-10 17:08:23

Message withdrawn

brandy77 Thu 30-Dec-10 09:52:48

riven can you phone your gas electric provider and ask them how your bill stands? i emailed mine the other day and asked if i needed to turn the heating off and put more jumpers on! they emailed back to say i was a few hundred quid in credit thank god. same as you i have to have heating on all day cause of my youngest and his health probs

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