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should i be worried???

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angryma Fri 24-Dec-10 21:29:34

I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but any help with this matter would be much appreciated.
I have 3 children. I requested my second sons medical records from the hospital as I was not satisfied with the diagnosis given.
Turn's out hospital have been covering up my sons illness to save their own backs.
Anyway as hospitals keep mother and baby records as one I told them that it was ok to send me my antenatal and neonatal records.
In the neonatal records the hospital sent my eldest sons notes. The record gives info about weight of child etc. But then in highlight it say musculoskeletal problems.
How come I was never told? I'm absolutely fuming.

purplepidjbauble Fri 24-Dec-10 21:33:00

Ouch! That sounds like a shock sad

Sorry I have nothing constructive to say; but you have been heard

lisad123isasnuttyasaboxoffrogs Sat 25-Dec-10 08:34:43

does this dx fit with his problems? Is there a question mark beside it? cold it be they were questioning it or does it say dx?
sorry your having to go though this.
Am I right in thinking you requested DS2 notes but also got DS1 notes which say musculoskeletal problems?

angryma Sat 25-Dec-10 09:48:10

happy christmas to you all.It's my husband who kept on telling me DS1 seems more hunched and his left arm looks weird. He does constantly complain of bone pain but I never really do more than tell him to stay in bed all day.
The only thing that was apparent was he had a kind of small skintag growing at the side of his thumb.They referred to it as an extra digit. However, that was removed when he was a few weeks old.
Other than that they never told me anything.
Surely if it was just the digit thing that was of concern they would have written it down. It is written in bold and highlighted. There is no question mark.
Yes, I requested my DS2 medical notes but I was told that until the baby has been discharged mother and baby notes are kept together.
In DS2 neonatal records it talks about previous pregnancies and gives details of delivery date and weight, whether it's a boy or girl and any complication.
They had written the information there.
I feel so upset because DS1 complains so much about the pain he's in that sometimes I'd tell him to stop making it up. Please tell me you've done the same.
Should I contact my GP for answers??
Please help.

mariagoretti Sat 25-Dec-10 10:35:17

Definitely do contact your GP. Also ask the PALS department at the hospital to help you get copies of al the notes. They may be difficult to decipher without PALS or GP help as they'll be full of abbreviations and terrible handwriting. Hopefully you'll find out that the full story isn't as bad as you thought, but if not, you'll already have your GP on standby for referrals etc.

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