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keeping back some pressies till after xmas?

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tightrope Thu 23-Dec-10 20:50:25

my 4 year old son who has autism cant really cope with loads of new things at the one time.

i was thinking of keeping back the pressies from aunties and stuff, and "drip feeding" them to him after xmas.

does anyone else do this?

i have to say, it'll be harder for me than it is for him!

5ElvesMooningSanta Thu 23-Dec-10 20:54:06

My DS2 is 5 and has autism. This is the first year he has been excited about Christmas and understands the whole present thing.

The past few years we have put all his presents out and allowed him to open them at his own pace. The year before last he still had presents unopened on Boxing Day.

Just do what you feel is best/easier for him.

tightrope Thu 23-Dec-10 20:56:33

thanks, you are so right.

just sometimes feel peer pressure from same said aunties!

Mists Thu 23-Dec-10 20:58:19

My DS is 3.7 and will also be drip-fed presents.

He has serious food aversions so the "best" present will be given to him just before DH, DD and I sit down for dinner. Needs must.

5ElvesMooningSanta Thu 23-Dec-10 20:59:57

Sod the peer pressure. Said aunties should understand that their DN's needs and understanding are more complex than other children.

tightrope Thu 23-Dec-10 21:04:07

yes mists, i know what you mean.

ds will be getting his building blocks first, while sticking on a new mr tumble dvd, in the hope that he will give his 2 siblings a bit of peace and not try and grab all their new things.

tightrope Thu 23-Dec-10 21:07:05

am afraid the aunties are of the not very understanding type.

which is why i bought them all a copy of "A Real Boy" for their xmas. grin

Mists Thu 23-Dec-10 21:08:52

LOL at the aunties Christmas present grin

5ElvesMooningSanta Thu 23-Dec-10 21:14:26


chuckeyegg Fri 24-Dec-10 06:19:22

My DS is 4 and this is the first year he seems to understand what's going on and he wants to open all the presents. Regardless of whether they are his or not!

NorthernSky Fri 24-Dec-10 09:30:56

Message deleted

kittyfu Fri 24-Dec-10 09:38:46

my ds is 5 and like chuckeyegg it's the first year he has shown any understanding of what is happening. i keep all the pressents under the tree and let him stop and start as he wants. you have to do it the way that suits you and your ds, not family members if they dont like it tough. we did that last year, went by what family wanted and it was very stressful for ds and therefore me.

signandsingcarols Fri 24-Dec-10 09:50:54

Have already started the pressies, and will continue until probably new year! family has been trained to understand, grin (altho we do choose which pressie for each day, to accomodate when we will see people...) He will get 3 or 4 tomorrow, but play it by ear is the best option I think

ds has just started to get a little bit of christmas, (opening things, lights on tree, sweets in calender etc etc.) hopefully nest year will be even more....

wendihouse22 Fri 24-Dec-10 14:44:14

I always had to do this. We'd be opening prezzies in March!

StarlightWonderStarlightBright Fri 24-Dec-10 16:54:46

Interesting thread. I was saying to dh just last week that Christmas would work better if the children open just one present a day, then they have the whole day to play with it and appreciate it, as well as give us half a chance to remember who it was from!

Otherwise, money just disappears without regard of understanding. Open one, then the next, then the next, then the next. The saturation of the day means that no presents are enjoyed particularly, and they aren't cheap.

So I think we'll just do one every hour or so and take the whole Christmas holidays if we have to. I think they'll all arrive under the tree (Father Christmas delivers them all, even from family) then we'll take it slow.

purplepidjbauble Fri 24-Dec-10 17:04:43

DNiece and Nephew will be opening their presents from DP and me on Monday morning - I have to work tomorrow and Sunday, so won't see them until then. DNiece doesn't really "get" presents either, so it won't bother her, and DNephew will, I hope, just be pleased to see me...

(OTOH, we have just got in from visiting them and picked up my pressie from DSis on the way home (bought on ebay). I'm sooooooo excited, I don't want to wait til Monday grin)

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