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Hospice just called

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sarah293 Thu 23-Dec-10 18:50:22

Message withdrawn

nightmarebeforechristmas Thu 23-Dec-10 18:52:06

how very sad.

bigcar Thu 23-Dec-10 18:57:29

sorry to hear that sad

chocolatespread Thu 23-Dec-10 19:03:25


bullet234 Thu 23-Dec-10 19:09:32


DJAngel Thu 23-Dec-10 19:15:20

Sending big hugs.. sounds so hard and upsetting..

Al1son Thu 23-Dec-10 19:47:34

That is so hard for you and so very sad for the family concerned.


purplepidjbauble Thu 23-Dec-10 20:06:38


5ElvesMooningSanta Thu 23-Dec-10 20:15:10


Hugs to you and C.

intothewest Thu 23-Dec-10 22:26:59

That is awful for the family and for you sad

r3dh3d Thu 23-Dec-10 22:38:43

Ach. We get that, yes - well I guess five or six times so far. It is absolutely the worst bit of an otherwise wonderful service. They point out that only 25% of the children with them will pass away before their 19th birthday, so the odds are better than you think. It's just a very busy hospice supports a lot of families and by definition it's the end of life ones who will be in residence most often.

The very worst part is when you get hustled off into a room and hear the doors shutting all down the corridor. Then you know that someone else's child is leaving the building. And for a second you are standing in their shoessad.

Lougle Thu 23-Dec-10 23:01:30

So sorry for them, especially at this time of year.

Triggles Fri 24-Dec-10 11:56:08

Incredibly sad. sad

HelensMelons Fri 24-Dec-10 12:06:45

I can't think of any words that would be comforting to you Riven. Just a hand squeeze and a hug for you and dd x

catinthehat2 Fri 24-Dec-10 12:19:29

r3dh3d - you made me hear it as well.sad

LollipopViolet Fri 24-Dec-10 12:31:00

How sad, especially given the time of year

sarah293 Fri 24-Dec-10 12:32:27

Message withdrawn

elliejjtiny Fri 24-Dec-10 13:25:32


A couple of children have died at DS2's sn playgroup since he's been going and another little girl is life limited. That poor family, and so close to christmas too (not that there is ever a "good" time)

amberlight Fri 24-Dec-10 15:40:09


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