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appeals /change of school question

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intothewest Wed 22-Dec-10 11:33:11

Does anyone know the answer as to whether you can appeal more than once for the same school - I asked for a change from one SN school to another;the request was denied and I can appeal-If it's turned down at appeal, am I allowed to appeal again next year?

intothewest Wed 22-Dec-10 12:11:02

I think I have found the answer-you can't appeal against the tribunal's decision,but you can start the whole process again at a later date

sparky258 Wed 22-Dec-10 12:13:42

im not sure if this is the usual but
when i was trying to get my dd out of her old school[sn school]i asked for a school.
it was turned down.[they said various things
from-they couldnt meet her needs to they had no room]
i then spent the next year and more arguing with the ed dept.
in this time it was going to panel every two weeks and then they was reccomending all sorts of other schools and sending paperwork to these schools.
most of the schools wouldnt accept my dd and the ones that would wasnt suitable for her needs-this ensured another argument from me.
in the end-the ed dept was so fed up of me-
they sent the paperwork to the origanal school and directed them to take my dd!
so-yes-i think you could go for it again.
good luck.

intothewest Wed 22-Dec-10 12:23:39

thank you.what a fight- glad you got your dd there in the end !

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