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theowl Tue 21-Dec-10 18:49:59

have been prescribed this for ds, but have a dilemma in that I reckon he won't take it as it's a liquid and not a pill (sensitive to textures) How inethical would it be to just mix it in his drink and not tell him...
<have namechanged blush>

OverflowingMum Tue 21-Dec-10 19:08:41

How old is your DS? Does he understand whay he has been prescried it? Has he agreed to take it (if he is capable of understanding and agreeing)
Is he better with tablets? You can get it as tablets.

TotalChaos Tue 21-Dec-10 19:23:22

Is it liquid because it is a very low or precise dose? I would not try to sneak it as he might get stressed about eating and drinking in general if and when he twigs. Also would not want to risk diluting it without checkng with gp or pharmacist

theowl Tue 21-Dec-10 19:35:59

don't know why it's liquid - he's 12
I will run it by him then and if he says no will ask for tablets - thanks

theowl Tue 21-Dec-10 19:36:17

yes low dose I think

purplepidjbauble Tue 21-Dec-10 20:35:31

The mental capacity (I think) act states that covert medication may only be administered in consultation with the parents, GP and any other relevant professionals. That is in a care environment.

I don't think hiding it in something is a bad idea at all, especially if he struggles with the sensory side. But if he is capable of understanding, it would be worth having him onside if you can.

You could try getting a syringe and squirting it directly down the back of his throat so he doesn't taste it (works on my cat lol)

Mixing it with yoghurt or mashed banana.

Adding it to a small amount of his favourite drink - especially if it's something he's not normally allowed like lemonade or coke! It only needs to be an inch in the bottom of the glass

hth smile

blushingm Fri 24-Dec-10 21:16:37

i have this and mine is in capsule form - i think the lowest dose in a capsule is 20 mg so it could be possible that your ds has a lower dose and it's only then available in liquid form

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