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ed psych assessment on 14.01.11 - help please!!

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Shugarlips Tue 21-Dec-10 16:52:43

Hi everyone!

Trying to type this while my 5 year old DS is doing his best to stop me! I have a headache coming. Christmas and my son are doing my head in angry

We have organised an independant EP to see our 5 year old son and we are going on the 14th Jan. Any advice/hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.

In a nutshell he is on the waiting list to see the paed and we should get an appointment at Easter but in the meantime we want to help our son as much as we can and think an EP may be able to help. We think he has Aspergers. I don't think he is going to let us talk to the EP much. My husband and I are going together but we are really nervous because we know how obstructive our son is (butting in, sitting between me and the person I am talking to etc)

Looking forward to it but not at the same time iuswim!

pinkorkid Tue 21-Dec-10 17:02:45

Hi Shugar,

Just to say although it will be stressful for you, it will actually be useful for the EP to see the type of behaviour you describe. Having said that you want to be able to talk to her without your son's input as well. Is it possible for a third adult to come with you to amuse your ds in the waiting room while you both talk to the ep? Otherwise maybe take it in turns to watch your son while the other one talks?

Only other tip would be to write as much down in advance about your son's history, any characteristics you think fit in with the autistic triad, behaviour at school etc.

Good luck

IndigoBell Tue 21-Dec-10 17:06:42

I think the EP will be more interested in talking to / observing / interacting with your son, than in talking to you...

(But I have never had an independent EP done so I could well be wrong...)

Certainly the EP will be used to all this and will have loads of strategies.

HelensMelons Tue 21-Dec-10 17:06:51

Hi shugarlips

Write down all the concerns you have, perhaps even when you noticed x or y, even if you are not sure how important they might be - list them, diary them whatever but it will help you to focus.

Our Ed Psych did an assessment at school and then came out to our house as well. He was very nice and put us at ease and his report didn't only focus on what ds was struggling with, but also all the things he is good at.

I may have picked you up wrongly but if this is a private assessment by an EP you will still need to go through your ds' school process ie the EP attached to his school to get your ds statemented. A statement is the only way to ensure that the school will meet your ds's needs.

That was a bit garbled but hope it makes sense! x

Shugarlips Tue 21-Dec-10 17:40:01

Thank you for the speedy replies.

I just typed out a reply but DS pressed Esc and wiped out whole message so here goes again.

We have employed this EP on recommendation from a colleague to help us with some strategies for homelife as he seems to be OK at school at the moment. I don't know anything about the statementing process so I guess we will have to have him observed again when we get to that stage.

The EP has asked for observations we have made but wants them at the appointment and to refer to when he is writing his report. He wants to meet DS without any prior knowledge so he can have his own first impressions. He says he will speak to my husband and I for 30mins and spend 2 and a half hours with DS doing tests and observations. Does this sound right? I have also been told not to say what I think is the 'problem' as this sways the EP. The advice I have been given is to play a bit dumb and let him earn his money?

HelonsMelons - I am looking forward to hearning some positive things about DS -I really am smile

busysport Mon 03-Jan-11 16:11:44

I thinks that a full assessment will be great thing. Remember it is a developmental disorder so will get better as he gets older regardless of whether you do any thing or not.You will know his best subjects and poor areas so you can encourgage his talents to help him get a good job one day.All of us are somewhere on the spectrum some have more traits than others. He may be entitled to more time in exams. My husband has diagnosis and iq of 130. If he had had help early I believe he would have made a doctor or high earning IT specialist.As it is he has a good job, nice house and caring wife. Testing will just help him reach his potential as otherwise aspies are not very self aware.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 03-Jan-11 18:48:17


Independent EP (infact any EP) cannot make an official diagnosis. Only a developmental paediatrician can diagnose.

Your son may well be bottling up all his difficulties re school which would have an effect on his homelife.

I would educate yourself re the statementing process; IPSEA's website is a good place for parents and it gives a lot of information Your son is 5; that is a good age to apply for a Statement and I would seriously consider doing this for him asap.

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