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Sensory seeking advice needed please

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Mermaidmad Mon 20-Dec-10 15:44:53

DS(5) loves to seek out sensory feedback and the last couple of weeks its got alot more noticeable.

When he was small he would run at you and slam his head and body into you. He still loves to do this but its now a game where we push/rebound him away from us once he has run at us. We cant seem to push him hard enough as he absolutely loves it hmm. He also likes to 'slap' us or to describe it better it looks like he is playing the bongos and again it has to be us, our legs, arms, back he isn't fussy! This drives me insane because I have always hated being hit even gently and during play. DH is much better and gives as good as he gets and DS adores it with endless laughing and rough housing going on! We bought him a trampoline for his birthday in June and though he loves playing on it with his sister it really doesn't make any difference with the slapping or body slamming. He knows fully what he is doing and looks you right in the eye looking for your response but just cant override the need to do it wink. He also appears to only do this at home as there are no problems at school of this nature.

So, any ideas how I can better distract him away from hitting us? Thought about a bean bag for him to beat up but not sure if that would help lol?!

The other interesting thing I have noticed is that since this increase in sensory seeking his behaviour at the supermarket and in shops is dramatically better and bearing in mind how busy the shops are right now I am truly amazed. He did an hour up sainsburys today happily following me around with his little penguin for company in amongst massess of people and having to queue at the till for ages. Usually he would be very irritable and literally bouncing off the aisle walls (sensory again!) Could this be linked?? hmm

Thanks in advance for any replies smile

Mermaidmad Mon 20-Dec-10 15:49:00

BTW I have name changed from Barmymummy grin

purplepidjbauble Mon 20-Dec-10 20:33:39

Hi, Mermaidmad. Do you have a weighted blanket or vest for him? Some people find they help...

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