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cot mattress for baby with hypomobility syndrome

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diddymiddys Sun 19-Dec-10 23:53:07

Hi my youngest child who is ten month old has severe hypomobility syndrome this affects her lower back hips knees and feet as a result she dose not sit unsuported and dose not weight bear at all. She has a xorner seat for sitting and feeding and wears pedro boots. She has a good cot mattress but gets very uncomfortable laying for long periords of time which causes her to wake every hour or so during the night. Wod anybody have any advice on where i could get a good cot mattrsss to fit in with her needs we have looked at air matresses which curcate air from one pannell to another but was looking for other advice or suggestions first thanxs

lisad123isasnuttyasaboxoffrogs Mon 20-Dec-10 00:37:28

would something like a amby nest work?

diddymiddys Mon 20-Dec-10 00:42:00

Hi iam not too sure what one of them are could u

Please explain a little

diddymiddys Mon 20-Dec-10 00:54:27

Arrrr right ive googled it i have seen them before it was the name that threw me. I dont think it would be suitable for her shes really long and as she cant physically get around herself she weighs 25lb now and it said online the weight only gos upto 29lb. Good thought tho thamxs

lisad123isasnuttyasaboxoffrogs Mon 20-Dec-10 00:56:01

a baby hammock? not sure on weight they take.
Would something like a memory foam topper help?

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