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any advice is this normal or not ?

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jollymolly123 Thu 16-Dec-10 10:33:03

my son has had prob since 19months hes now 4 years he has tantrums which now hes older are getting worse hes pushed me down stairs throws things screams crys growls etc as well as normal tantrum behaviour,very destructive draws over walls puts toilet roll down the toilet for fun etc,is very bright say school ,very visual,has to have things in a way is ok for him like he wont go to bed until tucked in only will got to till number 5 and has a tantrum if its not his way,doesnt listen,can have a vacant stare and in his own world,very loud always shouting,needs 110% attention if you try and do something else he will interupt so hes the focus,no danger or spacal awareness,has started hitting himself hard in the head and face,doesnt really play toys just runs around and jumps of furniture has lots of energy dr said as if driven by a motor thats just off the top of my head just feels more than a normal child to me but any opinions? hes always had a routiene and ive never given in to pestering etc he acts like hes spoilt but he isnt as he doesnt get what he wants its always been firm and consistent
ive had multiple health professionals involved but its a slow process i have to try everything else before assesment the nursery nurse couldnt offer any more help,have seen a dr from child development,hes having speech therapy,at the min i have childrens mental health nurse who said she cant help me with tantrums as ive tried everything and nothings had any effect
just want some other parents views

IndigoBell Thu 16-Dec-10 10:37:53

Definitely sounds like he has some kind of SN.

What assessments are you waiting for? And when will they happen?

jollymolly123 Thu 16-Dec-10 10:44:46

at the minute it stands at meeting in jan with childrens mental health nurse and the school although i know it prob wont help as they say hes fine just very bright but he does get choices and routiene at school which i think is why hes ok. then the nurse will work with me and refer if needed. i think ive been just going round in circles passed from one place to another

IndigoBell Thu 16-Dec-10 11:00:25

Has he been assessed for ASD or ADHD??????

jollymolly123 Thu 16-Dec-10 11:05:31

no i have to try everything else before they will look at assessment this has been going on for 2 years i did see a dr from child development who i thought would be the start of things but had one appointment then new hv decided to take over and i didnt need to see dr even though last hv said i did the new one has only met my ds once but im hoping that this mental health nurse will get him referred she asked if i thought it could be autism as thats what id described but i dont think it is autism some of his issue are the same but overall not autism if that makes sense at first i thought it was adhd but it has to be present in school but hes ok in school someone has suggested aspergers but i dont know much about it

Ineedtinsel Thu 16-Dec-10 11:27:14

I found a usefull checklist for Aspergers on Family website. Sorry I can't do links.

The checklist was spilt into areas eg. social, physical, cognitive etc. I printed it off and ticked all the areas Dd3 was struggling or OTT in, I also wrote notes on the back. When we went for the first few appointments I used to take it with me.

The paed asked if she could have it and I never saw it again but thats another story. Now I keep a diary.

Its not unusual for it to take a long time to get a diagnosis, we have been in the system for 18 months, Dd3 has been seen by the GP, 3 Paeds,a SALT and an Occupational Therapist. We have now been referred to CAMHS!!

I hope your mental health nurse turns out to be helpful.

Good luck smile.

jollymolly123 Thu 16-Dec-10 11:34:33

ive started to keep a diary i will look for checklist thanks

ds has also started wetting himself everyday any advice?

IndigoBell Thu 16-Dec-10 11:43:43

You need to go back to the GP / Paed and make the hugest fuss ever. I don't know why they are giving you the runaround but you need to turn into the mother from hell.

Aspergers is an autistic spectrum disorder. It is very similar to autism - but without any speech difficulties.

Your son needs to be assessed for ASD and ADHD and you need to somehow make that happen.

It is common for our kids to be different at home than at school. Does not mean 'it is your fault' or that he doesn't have SN. It is all a very normal part of the condition.

jollymolly123 Thu 16-Dec-10 11:48:20

ive tried to be they have seen me crying and upset il try harder

jollymolly123 Thu 16-Dec-10 21:15:58

oh forgot to add anything i can do about listening,wetting,time (ex he takes 45 mins to eat dinner generally everything in slow motion),repeatedly asking questions and non stop talking
trying to prepare for the holidays

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