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Should I appeal this mess up or ask for an earl review?

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magso Wed 15-Dec-10 16:28:18

Out of the blue we received a proposed amended statement for DS ( who has mod/sev LD ASD etc). A shock since we had not received the statement review or reports. We were very unhappy with the proposed amended statement, wrote the officer in charge, whom we later met with. She wrote down our wishes ( basically to put autism and communication back into his statement)- changes in wording to protect ds. She said she had no problem and would change it.
Now today I hear the statement has been finalised without the discussed changes! The officer in charge of ds case left in the middle and the person who is filling in did not find any letters or notes so finalised it as if none of the meetings had taken place!!!
What would you do?? Appeal - or request an early reveiw ( on the grounds we were not invited to the previous/ the review did not advocate the changes made) and appeal that if the statement remains so poor.
How much would an appeal cost?
My main objections are ! putting ASD and LD as an educational need
2 putting salt supervision back on the first part of the statement ( ds 11 has a vocab of a 7 yr old - very good but his understanding is typically asd mixed up.
Help! What would you do?

daisy5678 Wed 15-Dec-10 17:33:26

I had this - random changing of Statement - and appealed to Tribunal on the basis that the changes were not recommended by anyone at ds's last review and the changes would damage his education. LA backed down. Statement changed back. Did take months though sad just had to hope school would keep provision going in the interim and they luckily did.

Do you have proof that the previous person said OK?

I would write to them and say that you will appeal if they don't issue a further finalised Statement etc. etc.

magso Wed 15-Dec-10 18:37:56

Thanks GMS!
We have proof I wrote and we had a meeting. I do not have proof (other than the notes we made at the time) that the changes were ageed to.
I am in 2 minds. I do not want ds to loose his proposed place for next year at the secondary sn school (transition) so if I call for an early review (getting the place sorted first!) I could appeal the rewritten statement - but from a weaker position. Would writing again - detailing my disapproval of the downgrading of the statement and calling for a review ( we had no formal review only a word with the HT saying no need to change) - and making it clear the catalogue of errors that allowed an inadiquate statement to be finalised -be enough? Can the statement be changed once it is finalised ( as has happened) by going to appeal? I was told that they cannot change statement once it is finalised - so how does going to tribunal change that?

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