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Gahhh roll on the holidays...

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TheArsenicCupCake Wed 15-Dec-10 14:46:52

Just one week at school where there isn't something to sort out or deal with regarding DS.

Please Santa .. Just one week ( it's not a lot to ask!)

purplepidjbauble Wed 15-Dec-10 14:49:31

Honk bear

TheArsenicCupCake Wed 15-Dec-10 14:52:27


well at least we got to Wednesday before the school called! Although he only did a half day yesterday as he was at a paed appointment!

Two days left and counting!

purplepidjbauble Wed 15-Dec-10 15:47:08

Wicked grin here's to moaning about having them stuck at home with broken Christmas toys <raises cup of tea>

ouryve Wed 15-Dec-10 15:59:06

Ours break up tomorrow. Only one more afternoon of walking home getting yelled at then I've got almost 3 weeks of merely getting yelled at in the comfort of my own home!hmm

TheArsenicCupCake Wed 15-Dec-10 17:38:13

Well I'm hoping the Christmas holidays may result in less accidents... In two days we have had.. An egg the size of .. Well an egg on the back of his head... Two black eyes and a bloody nose.. And a nearly broken hand! All seperate incidents!!! With a paed appointment in the middle!

It seems his clumsies are getting a lot worse with a start of puberty growth spurt! < wibble>.
( I have asked for my own parking space right outside. A+E.. Ha haaaa the paed thought I was joking!)

we still have rugby to go too.. < wibble>.

TheArsenicCupCake Thu 16-Dec-10 12:33:52

Ohhhh fabby another call!

Another social story to write.. Ah well ... One day to go!

Marne Thu 16-Dec-10 12:43:46

oh i can't wait till friday, although i'm tempted to take dd1 out today (dd2 has already had the week off), they don't do much on the last day anyway and i am worried about the small possibility of snow. It will be nice to have 2 weeks off from the stresses of school and dd1 getting upset about people being horrid to her.

TheArsenicCupCake Thu 16-Dec-10 13:10:25

I have to say.. I am really hoping for road blocking snow tonight!
Would solve a lot of things!

Marne Thu 16-Dec-10 13:34:50

Fingers crossed ArsenicCupCake, not much chance of any here sad, its raining at the moment so even if it snows it won't settle.

ouryve Thu 16-Dec-10 13:50:16

It has snowed and settled, here, but only half an inch of the stuff. Not complaining, because I took DS2 in his Major and want to be able to get it home again!

TheArsenicCupCake Thu 16-Dec-10 14:19:56

Well ive just checked the met office.. Looks like snow from tonight right through to monday..!
Assuming they are correct.. My wish may be granted!

mariagoretti Thu 16-Dec-10 15:30:36

Mine are all off with D&V. And I had 2 appointments booked for myself tomorrow. Oh well.

wendihouse22 Thu 16-Dec-10 15:43:16

Am taking my ds out (10) a day early.

We've all just about had it!!


auntevil Thu 16-Dec-10 16:31:50

Ah yes, i forgot that as the hols are coming up i need to give the - 'i'm not spending my whole hols up at A&E' speech. Although, in fairness, my dyspraxic DS has less serious accidents than my NT DS. I suppose that's the advantage of being able to do less? grin

TheArsenicCupCake Thu 16-Dec-10 17:28:22

Hmmmm ' can we please stay in one piece' will be heard repeated many times through out the hols in our house.!

And ' stooooop!'

And ' don't break your sister!'

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