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DS2, stimming and friendships

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Poshpaws Tue 14-Dec-10 18:17:13

I haven't posted in while, but I read every day so felt ok to post abouth the current 'issue' I have with DS2 smile.

If anyone remembers, DS2 has SAL delay but has caught up very well. He is maybe 3-6 months behind his peers. He is now in YR1 and after a shaky start in the first term of reception, made a couple of close friends and was fine.

He started well in the 1st term of YR1, but since going back in November, he has not been mentioning his friends' names. When I ask him, he says he plays alone and seems quite happy. Fair enough, except that it seems to be constant. DS1 says that he sees him in the school playground twirling his fingers and running back and forth (his stim) and not playing with anyone. When I have spoken to his class teacher, she says that he is fine in class, sociable, etc. She also said she would keep an eye out and see if he is different in the playground.

It seems very trivial written down, hence my reluctance to post here, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar. He has been assessed for ASD twice and signed off twice by the community paed.

Could it be Christmas overload, although like I said this has been going on since Nov. My real worry is that he is choosing to stim over interacting with his friends in the playground.

ghoulsforgodot Tue 14-Dec-10 21:32:30

it could be a release for him-a way of letting off steam after working hard in the classroom?

IndigoBell Tue 14-Dec-10 21:44:16

I agree with ghouls.

Yr1 is hard, and he's still little.

It's not good that he's stimming so much in the playground - but maybe as he gets older he'll be able to control it better?

I think 6 year olds don't notice odd behaviour very much....

My DS in year 5 now has friends. But I'm fairly sure in Y1 all he did was 'his own thing' in the playground....

I honestly think try not to stress about it too much yet. If this is your biggest problem - great, he's doing really well.

If it's not your biggest problem - go focus on that for a while grin.

Poshpaws Wed 15-Dec-10 07:41:50

Thanks for the replies.

I didn't really consider that he may be using it to let of steam after working in the class.

IB, no, this is not my biggest problem, but being as he has struggled for a long time(and I mean going back as far as the womb), I am always on the look out for him, however irrational.

However, I apppreciate your honesty smile.

IndigoBell Wed 15-Dec-10 09:26:50

Sorry - I didn't mean to sound harsh. I in no way think you are being irrational.

What I meant to say was

"I don't know anyway to reduce stimming in the playground. But at age 6 I wouldn't overly worry about it. If he is still doing it at 10 I would worry more."

Poshpaws Wed 15-Dec-10 10:10:51

Don't worry about apologising. I am very touchy (and yes, irrational grin) when it comes to DS2's development - almost everyone tells me this.

I really did value your input, what with you being further along in terms of experience.

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