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christmas things

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sparky258 Mon 13-Dec-10 22:37:29

groan-i think the cuts have got us already!
usually-round here theres quite a lot going on at christmas for the kids-partys/panto ect!
i have really appreciated these things and i was looking out for post telling me about these things.
nothing has come through the door this year so i made enqueries.
there is nothing happening round here this year at all!
everyones saying its cos of the cuts!

please dont get me wrong-i dont expect everyone else to make our christmas-
but-i have really really apreciated the things that have been layed on in the past!
im a single parent with disabilitys and my daughter has sn[obviously or i wouldnt be posting]
i really do my best-but im not god-and these things have really helped me-both for me-
[i can do the best by my daughter-with these things i got transport and help]
and my daughter-[she can be herself at these places and no one looks at her-so this is less stressful to us both]
im embarressed to say this-but some of us really rely on the help of others!
this dont me less of a person-this is just circamstances!
this is not a rant-just sad
maggie stole the milk-now many years later-this **** is stealing peoples christmases!
im scared for all of ours future!

wendihouse22 Tue 14-Dec-10 09:35:53

Write to your MP. They need to know how their cuts have affected the people who genuinely need them.

I'm sorry to hear you and your daughter are going to struggle. It's crap.

My son never leaves the house. At all so, we could never access the stuff "put on" for disabled kids anyway, but I know many many people did.

Chin up sparky.

sparky258 Tue 14-Dec-10 14:15:24

oh we ll be fine Wendi-things are a struggle sometimes but we do ok!
sorry-i dont think i put myself across very good in my posts-what im trying to say is-

the reason that we do ok is because of things like the christmas things and playschemes ect-in other words-this makes things easier and more "normal"!
i do go to other things but its much better going to places where others understand and
we are not gawped at or treated diffrently!
im concerned that the cuts will leave us[and others like us]with nothing!
yep-i think i will write to my MP!
also-when they start cutting these things-im wondering what else they are going to cut!

thanks for the chin up[laughing]im not unhappy-just worried!

aaaaw Wendi-how old is youre son?

wendihouse22 Tue 14-Dec-10 18:26:33

He's ten. Has autism and newly diagnosed OCD. Hence we don't leave the house.

School initiating a CAF. Sounds long winded but it's kind of a crisis thing, I think.

Also, just been referred to Social Services.

We'll see.

I wrote to my MP about what's available for kids like my son. There's (some) assistance for the those who are more severely disabled and there's all sorts of fun days and outings for those who can access them but nothing for kids like mine.

Will see what he comes up with.

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