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P scales for Personal and Social Development in YR?

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PolarEyes Fri 10-Dec-10 22:58:03

Anyone know where I can see what the above levels mean? I can't find anything on google about these particular ones:

Interaction and working with others
Independent and organisational skills

I got sent a copy of DS1's statement implementation plan today and it also included Foundation Stage Profile points and then as the title above says.

The Foundation stage profile scores seem well below what he is currently acheiving so i would like to see how these P scales stack up

Many thanks

PolarEyes Fri 10-Dec-10 22:58:49

oops meant DS1 is in reception

MrsDiggens Fri 10-Dec-10 23:28:41 9

Think this is the website with more details about it we have been trying to look into it in more detail at the moment as our son who attends a special needs school and is a Reception pupil they are marking 7.8 and 8 and my son who is in a mainstream was not marked that high after 4 months into school so we know it is too high and now feel they are doing this to push him out and into mainstream.

Hope this helps

PolarEyes Fri 10-Dec-10 23:45:50

Thanks - I found that site earlier but it says P scales shouldn't be used in the foundation stage? It is so confusing!

Argh sorry your son's school are messing you around it is very frustrating dealing with people who are prepared to lie to your face and on paper as well. Hope you get it sorted

FrostyTheCrunchyFrog Sat 11-Dec-10 08:13:07

P scales are eqivilant to NC levels, so shouldn't be used where NC levels aren't.
Years ago it was "W1" which meant "working towards level 1." Children would start school at 5 on W1 and leave at 19 on W1. P scales break that down a bit.

Polar Eyes, P levels start to be applied in KS1, and PSHE P levels start in KS3 - the link below has a table showing which foundation subjects are levelled at what point. Can you write to the school and ask for clarification? It might be that they mean foundation stage profile points for those areas too.

I worked in one of the first schools to trial the P scales, we did find them extremely useful, but would never have used them in the way in which you describe, MrsDiggins. Have you read the level descriptors? They are quite detailed, it would be very hard to level a child too high as you would not have evidence. Have you asked the school for evidence of his attainment? If they are trying to push him out, they would need to demonstrate his work through either paper, video, demonstration etc.

In the school I worked in, which was an SLD/ PMLD school, we had children (well, 2 children) who worked up as far as NC3 in some areas, but those scores alone do not fit someone for mainstream - other difficulties, either ASD or physical, meant that these kids were better with us.

FrostyTheCrunchyFrog Sat 11-Dec-10 08:14:08

It would be better if I could spell equivalent.

PolarEyes Sat 11-Dec-10 08:59:49

Thanks Frosty

I found a document on my LA's website that detailed the P scales I mention; it seems Essex use those specific ones when applying for a Statement (which DS1 already has). It doesn't have a breakdown of what they are, assume they have a scoring sheet squirreled away. It does state on that document that for Foundation stage P scales shouldn't be used so I have no idea what the SENCo is doing. The Specialist Teacher said she would send me some info so I think I'll ask her wtf the school are up to.

diszpinty Wed 12-Jan-11 13:16:27

Does anyone know what P scale needed at Thriftwood School (Chelmsford) for a SEN child in Year 2?
many thanks

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