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First Paed appt. tomorrow, 'full physical exam'?

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NatalieJane Thu 09-Dec-10 18:01:12

What does this mean? Are they going to strip him naked? Or are we talking 'can he ride a trike, or build blocks?' etc.? confused

Don't know if I am more nervous or more relieved that we are starting out on this road.

moosemama Thu 09-Dec-10 18:28:31

Hi NatalieJane, at our Paed appointment they did height and weight (fully clothed but minus shoes). Then the rest was just us talking with the Paed (mainly background, development and history) followed by him having a chat with ds.

I think for younger children they sometimes have toys for them to play with and do a bit of observation/interaction. But someone else with experience of taking a younger child will probably be along soon to confirm or deny that.

NatalieJane Thu 09-Dec-10 18:41:54

Thanks Moosemama I wouldn't have thought much about it TBH but the HV really highlighted the physcial bit, just got my worry lines growing more!

woolyxmastree Thu 09-Dec-10 18:56:51

We had a few things at ours, can DD catch a ball, hop, walk/run, listen to instructions, communicate, play observation and history. Physical Im assuming just means medical issues that can be treated with in not psychological issues etc. That was the impression we were given, our pead then gave us referrals. hth.

NatalieJane Fri 10-Dec-10 14:22:22

Just thought I'd answer incase anyone else was looking for the answer to the same question!

Paed firstly wanted a list of things we were concerned about, and we went through family history. She got him drawing a few simple pictures (circle, cross, square, Daddy), then she asked him to kick a ball.

She did strip him down naked, listened to his chest (he has a slight cough left over from a recent virus, so don't know if that's 'standard'!), she weighed him, we got him dressed and she admitted she'd forgotten to measure him.

We went through a form to measure his strengths and weaknesses. She said she'd forward a copy of the same form to his nursery for them to fill in aswell.

She has referred him to Audiology and we've to take him to the opticians, just to rule out any problems, and she's referred to what she called 'The Team' - OT and Psychologist, also said once he's seen the SALT that he has already been referred to, the chances are that SALT will want a referral to a specialist SALT, and the specialist SALT will then form part of 'The Team'. Keeping up?!

That was about it really. Luckily DS2 was in a fairly easy going state and didn't mind too much, though I'd taken two pocket fulls of Thomas the Tank trains with us, so that might have helped?! DS3 on the other hand, well, I think the Paed scowled at him - twice! shock wink

StarlightMcKenzie Fri 10-Dec-10 14:41:42

Message withdrawn

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