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stomach pain

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xmasbells Thu 09-Dec-10 12:24:07

DS (5, HFA). His been moaning about his stomach hurting for a while now. At random times, he says things like, can't do x or x as stomach hurts, or eat to much it hurts, but then easily forgets about it. But came to our bed a 3 this morning saying his stomach hurt.

I cannot work out if it is habit, a general excuse his decided to use or there is something to it. His on movicol for having a number of rectal prolapses, but that happened about a year ago, so guessing the movicol is working.
Not quite sure whether to take him to gp/paed as trying to determine what is real info or not is v. difficult. No other signs of anything. His anxiety has increased since school, could that cause stomach pain.

Guess I wondering what they could do to see if there is something going on.

TheArsenicCupCake Thu 09-Dec-10 13:15:07

Anxiety and stomach pain seem to go hand in hand in this house.. It could be that a sore tummy is easier to communicate to you than whatever is bothering him.

However... I would advise that you get him checked out at the GPs to make sure it's nothing physical causing the pain first.. It's been going on and off for a while , so that would be my first port of call.

auntevil Thu 09-Dec-10 14:01:48

All 3 of my DS and i have IBS along with various other 'stomach 'related issues. Stress is a biggy. The pain is real - can be quick can be suddenly gone when calmness descends - or our attention is taken away from the matter causing the stress.
I think sometimes we forget how much what we eat and how it's processed affects how we feel. There are mums on here who have put DCs on CF/GF diets and it has made a difference to behaviour as well.
Best always to get things checked - particularly with history, but it might be his body's way of dealing with stress - it's mine as well, so i can sympathise.

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