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After outpatients today my son has to start on growth hormone injections

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brandy77 Wed 08-Dec-10 22:01:23

Im pleased because the paediatrician said it will probably help with his appetite and his general health as hes unwell a lot, which hopefully if it works will make schooling easier as hes absent a lot during the autumn/winter months, and obviously with his growth rate.

Just wondering if anyone elses child has it and what pen they use? Ive been given 4 dvds to watch about various pens and then i have to ring the nurse and tell her which pen i want to use. It all looks rather complicated! I havent told my son yet, whose 6, as apparently it takes 8 weeks to set it all up and the nurse has to visit me at home to show me how to do it all.

Any feedback would be appreciated.xx

chorltonandthewheelies Thu 09-Dec-10 09:43:06

Hi Brandy my little boy has been on growth hormone for 3 years now since he was 3. We use genotropin hormone with the genotropin pen, and I've always found it straightforward to use. (after getting the training and I was obviously nervous at first too)

As his gh cartridge has to be stored in the fridge I like the fact that you can get genotropin mini quicks which you dont keep in the fridge so are great for taking on holiday etc. We've taken them to Florida twice now grin

I dont remember which ones they offered me at the beginning to be honest, I asked which was easiest and choose the genotropin. It has an electronic doseage readout which I prefered, and a guard so I didnt see the needle jag him (I did feel guilty at first) but he has never minded it.

Hope that helps a bit am happy to offer any more experiences if you want smile

brandy77 Thu 09-Dec-10 12:23:32

Hi chorltonandthewheelies, thanks for your reply. one fo the dvds the nurses gave me was the genotropin pen and the other one was clickone or something where you have to mix the growth hormone yourself. does your son bruise? my friends daughter said shes on the clickone and does bruise. perhaps you bruise with all of them.

I used to inject him twice a day with another hormone and the gun was horrific! big thing that literally banged into his leg. I am worried now that hes older ,at 6, and hes already got emotional/behavioural problems because of the hospital admissions that he will really freak out :0( I havent even told him yet as it wont happen for about 8 weeks. Thankyou.xx

chorltonandthewheelies Thu 09-Dec-10 13:02:04

Hi Brandy, sometimes he gets bruises but most of the time he doesn't, think it depends on whether I've pinched his skin properly and whether he jumps.

My ds has special needs so he didn't really understand at first what was happening and now he understands that when he gets his jag he gets his pudding so accepts that.

I remember getting a lot of stuff for him with his hormone at first, a magazine, soft toy, growth chart etc so maybe that might help soften the blow a bit for your ds.

brandy77 Thu 09-Dec-10 16:02:18

thanks chorlton, think il go with the genotropin pen as it doesnt involve the mixing together like the other mum just dropped the dvds off after watching them and said the other one looks way too complicated so looks like we are choosing the same one as you then. Thankyou for your replies.xx

chorltonandthewheelies Thu 09-Dec-10 22:57:33

No problem Brandy and good luck! smile

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