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refused change of school- what next?advice welcomed

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intothewest Mon 06-Dec-10 14:28:19

I'm unhappy with a lot of things about ds's SN school(a very long story)-At annual review I asked for a change,but I knew they would say no as it is fee paying(SN)-other children have been placed there by our LEA- I set out all the reasons and they came back with excuses(didn't mention the money)It's so frustrating as I know ds will thrive at this school wheras he'll 'get by' at the other-How would you go forward?and if they will not move him,do you have any advice on making his time at the current school better? thanks sad

daisy5678 Mon 06-Dec-10 16:33:30

I would appeal to SENDIST, tbh.

intothewest Mon 06-Dec-10 17:01:16

I certainly will appeal,but I feel their minds are made up- I've set out all my reasons and I think they're good,but I don't have any fresh arguments- Who makes up a sendist panel;are they totally objective or more LA puppets ?

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 06-Dec-10 17:10:08

Message withdrawn

intothewest Mon 06-Dec-10 17:27:25

thanks - That is my problem-he visits the other school for playdays and they would offer him a place- I have written so much about how current school is failing-they just ignore it;but you are right star about their responses providing evidence-I just need to keep going-sometimes I just feel I can't- when you mentioned the charities do they fund EPs?

keepyourmouthshutox Mon 06-Dec-10 20:54:07

intothewest - be very careful about complaining etc. Because ds's school is so determined to keep him, they are doing everything possible including improving themselves. His TA (30 hours) is now exclusively his, except when they are doing group work; I ask for social stories for any activity and it is done at lunch time. He is now pre-taught games so he can be included in other children's games etc.

All this has made it much harder to move him because they are doing so much or rather showing that they are and there will be no more advantage to move him.

However I know that it means I always have to keep on top of them as it is probably all temporary - they did nothing all the time I complained and only improved when it seemed I was serious.

A private ed psych will be able to tell if your child is making sufficient progress and make a recommendation on what type of placement your ds should have.

The charities should be able to recommend ed psychs.

intothewest Mon 06-Dec-10 21:32:10

thank you,Keep-similar here;obviously improvements would be welcome if they were real,but I've lost my trust - they have failed in so many ways and as in your case are improving a little because they see I mean it.I have been keeping records,letters etc,but I think I must now start recording everything and just keep it going,but I do feel as though I'm banging my head against a brick wall with the LA.

SausageMonster Mon 06-Dec-10 22:15:04


You said that, although not perfect, you son can just 'get by' at his current SN school.

Unfortunately that's all the LA have to provide - a school that can meet his needs.

The only way you can achieve a change of schools to the expensive independant school would be to prove that:

a) his current school cannot meet his needs

b) the LA cannot provide him with a suitable education at another of their own SN schools

c) no other LA has a SN school that could meet his needs (as that's the next option if your own LA doesn't have a suitable school)

d) and finaly, that the independant school can meet his needs.

It's sad to say but just because the independant school is much better that alone doesn't entitle him to go there. If his current (less perfect school) can meet his needs that's where he should go.

Best wishes

intothewest Mon 06-Dec-10 23:08:59

His currentschool have failed to meet basic needs-They have failed to provide provisions in his statement-they have failed in so many ways- yes,if they pull themselves up(which they may do now they know I'm serious) then they will prove they are 'adequate'- I don't want bloody adequate.It is expensive,though not as expensive as many(if I was rich,I would have a choice)-they fund other kids to go there-and just because his current school can struggle to meet his needs it is not where he should go.He should be able to go to the school down the road- he should be able to do a lot of things he can't- I am fighting to get the best provision for him (as he can't and never will be able to do)as he is my son and 'adequate' is not enough

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