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Medical tests to rule out underlying medical problems

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smugtandemfeeder Mon 06-Dec-10 09:07:25

Me again.

Are there any medical tests you would recommend to rule out medical type things for DS's behaviour?

My medical insurance covers what they describe as pathology, blood tests, ultrasounds and xrays.

DS had a bad head injury at birth and I just wonder wether they may have injured his brain at all. I dont think that type of scan would come under the headings above though would it?

No obvious problems with poo - but do you think it is worth testing for dairy and gluten intollerance anyway? He has been tested for allergies in the past after having an anaphylactic shock but they didnt find anything. I assume gluten and dairy problems would have shown up with these tests.

Any idea for other tests?

Off to clean up the poo he has smeared all over my downstairs loo, all over the hot radiator, everywhere. He announced it by walking into the sitting room with one of my cleaning cloths covered in poo which he handed to me. Its gone frigging everywhere. He is now crying inconsolably because he got frustrated with a toy car he was playing with. Ho Hum. The next family member to ring me and tell me all toddlers are like this is going to get it.

brandy77 Mon 06-Dec-10 16:11:10

has he had hormone blood tests? thyroid and cortisol deficiences cause behaviour disturbances. My 6 year old son has hormone problems and his behaviour swings between anxious and violent to oversensitive and tearful

smugtandemfeeder Mon 06-Dec-10 16:20:56

He hasnt had any tests yet, apart from the general allergies one but that was before we thought he had an ASD. He is being assessed privately for ASDs etc but we only get two consultation apps and the tests I listed above. I'd like to email psych to ask him to arrange tests if possible but not sure if there is anything specific I can ask for. Psych doesnt seem very forthcoming, in fact he seems as though he wants to drag out the general chats for as long as possible saying very little.

Will add hormone tests to my list! Thank you.

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