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Do I have to tell school if I go for a Stat Assessment

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Madprest Thu 02-Dec-10 18:00:07

Hi All,
You'll probably remember past posts.I am going to apply for a Stat Assessment, I want to know If I have to inform school. Had 2nd meeting with HT and was told that she isn't bad enough for SA+. Did get all levels which are as follows:-
YR 2 Writing BEG-P8 END-1C
Reading BEG-P8 END-1B
Maths BEG-1C END-2C

YR 3 Writing BEG-1C END-2C
Reading BEG-1B END-2B
Maths BEG-2B END-2A

YR 4 Assessed this week

She had a bricked chart with where DD is at and the dark blocks are what the average child should be at. Also investigation made about the 9 IEP's she as had without my knowledge and was told that past teachers had told me (fib) and that she had copies of all IEP's and that evaluations where filled in on them but my copies only had 2 filled in. I know these levels are not good enough. Am I right for just going for Stat Assess. I have been asking DD daily whether she as had Lexia (which says daily on recent IEP) just so I can record it, I also put in her reading record so they no I am keeping my eye on it. One TA pulled DD over and started questioning her if she had told me that she hadn't had it when she did. My DD is not that stupid and understands when she as had Lexia or not. It is worrying me now that are they going to start taking it out on her. Really need a shoulder to cry on as they are making me out to be over reacting. Please give me a kick up the arse and put some of that fight back into's so mentally and emotionally draining. Thanks all for taking your time to reading this

Minx179 Thu 02-Dec-10 18:53:13

I would apply. Then appeal etc

Schools are experienced at pulling the wool over people eyes as to how little progression and attainment their DC's are making. As parents we don't always have the knowledge to prove them wrong. We only have that niggle in the back of our head that tells us something is not right.

I was fobbed off like that for years. By the time I finally got the knowledge and confidence to tackle them; the damage has been done.

Go kick some ass smile

Madprest Thu 02-Dec-10 18:59:33

Thanks Minx, yes I have had that feeling for the past 2 years and your spot on about knowledge and proving them wrong. They are like....well I can't see what the problem is, we are doing everything possible.It's just so surprising how much they are up each others arse (including Parent Partnership). You would think they would be thinking this is a child's education their future in their hands...thanks again.

Madprest Thu 02-Dec-10 19:01:55

BTW if I had a quid for the buckets of tears this past month...This Christmas and the next one would be sorted.

madsadlibrarian Thu 02-Dec-10 19:21:37

Hi there
the school may be required to make a submission - even if it is you who make the request - so better they are warned IMHO- so they can't say they didn't know what was going to be required of them. BTW - I have no personal experience of SA process yet - but have been trying to find out about it as I am warming up to make SA request if school doesn't do it in next few months.

SausageMonster Thu 02-Dec-10 19:30:42

Hi Madprest

You don't have to tell school you're applying but it would be corteous to do so - they will definitely be asked by the LA to provide a written report for the LA to decide whether to carry out the assessment.

One sure way of determining what your DD's difficulties are would be to have a private Ed Pysch's assessment.

The LA Ed Pysch is just like the rest of the LA employeees - they don't look too closely for problems as to provide support would cost the LA ££££s - so don't trust the LA Ed Pysch to give an unbalanced opinion.

School are wrong on a number of counts. All IEP information should be in your DD's own school file - not bits and pieces of half-updated reports. It's a statutory requirement and if the Head doesn't realise that then the SEN Governor (whose responsibility it is to ensure school comply with SEN law) should definitley be told.

It will be interesting to see what information does emerge when the LA request it (rather than you). grin

I don't think you have any option but to apply for SA yourself as school is so unsupportive - but that raises another issue - is that school even capable of helping her with or without a Statement.

If you're in this for the long haul then a copy of the SEN COP is a must. That'sthe SEN bible that school and everyone else shoudl follow.

It's very satisfying to quote chunks of it at them grin

Best wishes

ArthurPewty Thu 02-Dec-10 19:52:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Madprest Thu 02-Dec-10 20:12:41

God you can't bloody win can you.
Sausage,where do i look to find a decent Ed Psyc..I know school and LA don't use this information I have been told that. Are you suggesting for our information and can I just say a big thank you because you have been patient with me and gave me amazing advice.
Madsad...Your in for a bumpy, emotional and frustrating ride...welcome on board
Leonie...My SENCO is going to be exactly the same.
What is starting to worry me is that they are questioning DD and there as been issues about her book not being changed. This as been going on for the past 3 weeks where she as had the same book for 3 nights running. Asked DD why book not changed she says she had to go to Lexia and didn't have time. Wrote in reading record everytime, so sent letter in and spoke to class teacher,his response she as 2 opportunities in the day to do it. Then DD heard him say to TA 'She is doing it on purpose'. Like DD questioning her about when she as had Lexia, I don't want them taking it out on her which is coming across that way to me because it as never happened before. Thanks again everyone.

Madprest Thu 02-Dec-10 20:18:34

Sorry not DD questioning about Lexia it was TA..oops, head totally cabbaged now.

ArthurPewty Thu 02-Dec-10 20:32:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KickButtowski Thu 02-Dec-10 20:35:02

Can I offer an honest opinion? You are going to have a hell of a time getting anywhere with this school, and might want to consider taking her elsewhere.

IME if the school aren't right behind you then you are going to have a massive battle to even get assessed, and then if you somehow do get a Statement you are clearly going to struggle to get them to implement it. And believe me, that does not follow on automatically, even in a good helpful school.

Reading your posts there are clearly problems already with communication, trust and the way they are reacting towards your daughter, all of which make for alarming reading.

Apologies if I sound negative, but my best friend moved her child FOUR TIMES before finally coming to my own children's school where they agred to support her child, and he now has a Statement and the support he needs - aged 9, and he should have had this years ago but all the other schools refused to properly support her. It's scandalaous.

HAving been through this myself I know the whole process is totally shit, but you are starting from a really bad position it seems with a school like this.

Good luck, I really mean that, and please keep on fighting.

SausageMonster Thu 02-Dec-10 21:13:50

Hi Madprest

I suggested the private Ed Pysch so you yourself had a full understanding of your DD's problems (regardless of what the school or LA's Ed Pysch may overlook). For your peace of mind more than anything.

If the LA does refuse to assess the private Ed Pysch report would also be useful at Tribunal.

School doesn't have to implement any suggestions in a private Ed Pysch report but you could use it to strat getting the IEP content that you require.

If you post another thread asking for recommendations in (very large geoegraphical area you're in) someone here may be able to recommend one. I used one in London but she has a very long waiting list.

Other than that you could google Ed Pyschs - look for one with lots of experience who could also attend Tribunal if necesary.

I agree with everything that KickButt wrote above. If the school itself is fundamentaly non-supportive it may be worth considering a move to a more supportive school. They certainly should not be taking this out on your DD and you may need to warn them off - in writing, so that's on the school file.

Strangely (or hopefully) people here sometimes obtain Statements despite school failing to lend their support to the request / trying to convince the LA that there is no need. the fact that school quite clearly have been failing to record her level of attainment via the IEPs shoudl count in your favour as they have a less than complete set of documents to support their view that SA+ / Statement is not necessary - and that's an argument you can use. There is also the evidence that your DD's needs have been long-standing and the lacl of progress means they are not being adquately addressed.

Even if the LA does refuse to SA it's worth appealing to Tribunal. When you think about it what Tribunal is going to rule that the LA should not undertake an assessment of a chiold with documented long-term SENs?

But please be prepared for a fight (which you sound as if you already are).

Best wishes

happyfrog Fri 03-Dec-10 01:04:57


It sounds as if you are gearing yourself up for battle. I wish you all the strength and determination you are going to need to get through this.

The most important piece of advice I can give - having gone through this myself - is keep written records, they may be extremely useful 1,2,3,4 years down the line - it is highly likely that you are in for a very long haul to get the education your child needs.

LA's have now devolved funding to the schools, so in the wonderful world of fantasy land, according to LA's you child wont need a statement, your school knows your child and has all the expertise it needs to meet its needs. Well that's enough fairy stories for tonight. Now back to reality,

You NEED a copy of the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice, it is free, telephone 0845 60 222 60 to order it. -

Why not write to the school for photo copies of all the IEP's they have on your child, (you should have been given these already. You need as much information as you can get from your school, You can do a Freedom of Information request for all your childs school records, these should tell you when your child was assessed, by whom and the results.

For interesting reading have a look at Hoagies' Gifted Eduction Page. The "all things gifted" page on the internet. It will help to explain some of the tests.

Also have a look at Aprraxia-KIDS. again this will help explain some of the tests. these are both American, but tests used by our UK educational psychologist seem also to be american.

I found the Psychosomatic Conversion charts extremely useful. Use google, to find them, so if your LA Ed Psyc says your child is below average with a centile 2 score, at least you will have the knowledge no its not simply below average as we were told it borderline.

A good independent EP report will give you true assessment of your childs needs. Again you can use google to find out further information about EPs, you have already been given the very good advice about finding one who is used to doing Tribunals.

As part of the statutory process the LA will write to your childs school, I would suggest as you will still have to deal with the school why not send them a copy of your letter to the LA for the Statutory Assessment, along with a letter stating your concerns.

You must get into recording everything either by email, or in writing to your school, I also found it useful to take a small tape recorder to meetings.

Please be aware the LA Ed Psyc is employed by the LA their first duty is to the LA not your child.

Parent Partnership can be useful for some information, but again dont be to trusting, they are funded by your LA.

I hope the above will be of some help, this comes with heart felt best wishes for you and your child, you are your childs advocate and you are now embarking on a very steep learning curve of fighting your LA.

bensonbutnohedges Fri 03-Dec-10 20:14:52

You don't have to tell tham but it is courteous to do so.
They will find out anyway.

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