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disagreeing wiht reports

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goingroundthebend4 Thu 02-Dec-10 11:08:37

ds has his annual review next week and his teacher and salt have been good and i have the reports already.Ds has GDD hypermoblity, low muscle tone epeilepsy verbal and severe oral dyspraxia

but some of the stuff i disagree with ds according to the teahcer is emtionally/socially around 18 months-2 years he is 5.5 .

I agree he is delayed but not that much i tend to think of him as more a 3-4 year old

They also mention that he does not share well and struggles with turn taking , yet at home plays well with dd and takes turns np and with other close friends children

they mention about his inablity to concertrate if asked to get something he gets sidetracked if spots something intresting but to me thats normal .

Yet in the same breath they mention that he can get very absorbed in something forgets about needing a wee and blanks people to point needs touching to get his attention

Just seems there seeing differnt child to what i see at home .The salt yes i agree thats accurate

beautifulgirls Thu 02-Dec-10 11:29:25

Is it a bad thing? If the teacher is noting problems in the class then is this not an opportunity to secure more help for him? I would also question why she is seeing problems that you do not get at home - is it down to them not managing him well or is it that he is uncomfortable in the environment at school? Perhaps if necessary others could be brought in to help gain a clearer picture of what is happening at home vs school and why? Where/why is the problem here?

Hope the review goes well - are you able to give your point of view on the reports and ask questions or request further assessment? If not perhaps there is a way you can talk to the school before the review and discuss?

bigcar Thu 02-Dec-10 12:11:09

have you done your parental form yet? You can put all this down on there so it should be discussed in the meeting. He's not been there that long though has he so surely they can put some of the differences down to needing to settle fully and become himself in school.

goingroundthebend4 Thu 02-Dec-10 13:38:19

I have not even been asked for a report but am going to do one anyway .No reports been asked from ot or physio to so not sure if its staement review or school annual review so think will have to clarfiy it

we already have a pretty good Ep private report less than year old and lot of that says lot differnet to what school seeing .Think he gets distracted following commands as he is just a typical 5 yera old boy does one thing sees something else looks more fun

Bigcar he started in September .Do think the school are feeling out of heir depth there used to dealing with dc with pure speech problems not Gdd and phyiscal problem

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