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Is this the normal-re Statement??

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sahs1969 Wed 01-Dec-10 16:28:57

We go to Tribunal for our dd's statement (refusal to assess) in mid Jan.
We have recently had her assessed at GOSH and the team there are wanting to come out to school to have a chat and also meet with our Family Therapist-SENCO is leaving at the end of this year and all of a sudden is being really off with I said had we not gone down this route we'd never have had her assessed with the Maths Spld and Ed Psych-dd is in Yr 5 and working at Yr 1 level maths.
Anyway today Senco phoned and said they can have a meeting in 2 weeks time and she has invited the SEN Manager from the LEA-now is this the normal-this meeting is not to do with the tribunal-it is for GOSH to discuss their outcomes with school and the ways to move forward.
I'm thinking she's getting this SEN officer to come in as she is getting someone to back her up?

bensonbutnohedges Wed 01-Dec-10 16:33:44

There is no normal!
She might be wanting someone to back her up but it could also go your way if she has not done all she could to meet dds needs.

SausageMonster Wed 01-Dec-10 18:25:36

take a friend and take notes!

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