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please help anyone

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lovemylassies Tue 30-Nov-10 21:44:50

i wondering if anyone can help me with my 2yr old daughter i can not get her to take any medicines by mouth she is on carbamazepine suppositories for epilepsy and takes alvedon suppositories instead of calpol for temperature etc.she has a really bad cold and throat infection the now and they have given me penicillian for her to take by mouth but she going extremely violent and aggressive when trying to give her this can anyone help
she also has a brainstem brain tumour ,epilepsy and severe behavioural problems need advice on how to give her medicine this way without upsetting her to much sorry for long rant

Triggles Tue 30-Nov-10 21:58:25

Our 4yo DS2 is never cooperative when given medicine by mouth. We don't even try using the medicine syringe anymore - too much hassle. He will fairly happily drink it if it's mixed in with juice (just a very small amount), so that's what we do. It is absolutely the only way we can get him to take it.

mariagoretti Tue 30-Nov-10 22:00:50

You can get penicillin orally and by injection, but the injection really isn't very nice. There are some alternative stronger antibiotics by daily injection, at the local hospital or via a community children's nurse. If you could get tablets instead they might be easier (stuffing it inside a fruit pastille can work, though penicillin tastes nasty)

Erythromycin is used rectally in france, i don't think it's easy to get hold of in the UK. Your best bet might be to go back to the dr and ask if there's an alternative oral drug which is fewer doses per day. I presume you've tried the usual tricks of disguising the medicine in a drink etc?

purplepidjbauble Tue 30-Nov-10 23:16:56

Can you mix it in with her favourite food? I've known lemonade, banana, fruit juice, and milkshake work. You only need a couple of mouthfuls to mix it with. If her throat hurts, maybe soften a spoonful of icecream and mix it with that? Or yoghurt...

Good luck, sorry your DD is unwell sad

Al1son Wed 01-Dec-10 00:10:20

Will she suck a dummy? You can buy special dummies for them to suck the medicine from here

lovemylassies Wed 01-Dec-10 01:10:48

thanks ladies ive tried everything but she catching me out every time asked doctor for it in tablet form but only comes in capsule form and the capsules are 250 mg and she to get 125 mg so he said i could not half the capsules im at my wits end feel as though she losing trust in me iykwim x

purplepidjbauble Wed 01-Dec-10 09:02:40

It sounds like you need to force the issue, I'm afraid. Horrible, horrible thing todo, but epilepsy meds etc cannot be missed sad

If you can, keep the pitch of your voice down and the volume low. Keep explaining and reassuring her that you love her, and she has to take her medecine to keep her healthy and you understand that she doesn't like it. If she hits and flails, wrap her in a sheet or enormous bath towel first. You may find she likes the feeling of being wrapped up tight!

Emphasise that you are doing it because you love her, and give her lots of fuss and a treat afterwards for "being brave" even if she's kicked seven bells out of you/the furniture.

You are Mummy. You are right. She will only hate you temporarily, and not as much as if she gets stuck in hospital.

shaz298 Wed 01-Dec-10 09:09:07


Not sure how you'll feel about this , but at 2yrs old she is still sall enough to wrap in a big bath towel ( at least that would keep her arms and legs out of the way? Once she is wrapped nice and tight ( like swaddling a baby) you could use the syringe to give it to her, little bits at a tie to ake sure she doesn't choke.

My little boy had an NG tube for 5 years and when he was little we had to wrap hi up t do it. It worked while he was still little enough.

Good luck, It's awful when we as mus need to do horrible things to our littlies, even though we know it's for the best.


Sharon x

Nat1H Wed 01-Dec-10 11:28:10

When my little boy started taking epilepsy drugs, the only way I could do it was to mix it in chocolate mousse! My heart goes out to you - it's such hard work! Try mixing it with food or juice/milkshake.
Good luck

Ineedtinsel Wed 01-Dec-10 14:10:25

No advice I am afraid, but just to say my Dd2 who is Nt would never take medicine of any kind. We had to use alvedon when she had a temp, we carried on using them till she was about 5, then I found it hard because she wouldn't let me do it.

She has continued to refuse any kind of medicine and even now at 15 she will only take liquid paracetamol if she isfeeling really rough.

I was prepared when I had Dd3 and despite a difficult start I have managed to get her to take some medicined orally. We give her a sachet of calpol every now and then to keep her in training.

I have to agree with the other posters when they say it is really important that you train her to take her meds, does she respond to bribery/positive reinforcement. ie will she do it for a sweetie. I know its not ideal but hey if it works.

Good luck smile.

DJAngel Wed 01-Dec-10 21:24:58

I really feel for you. DD now 4 has always hated taking her anti-convulsants and used to hit and kick out and spit it out and it was awful.

I tend to agree with purple that you have to be really tough and just get it done with force.

That's what we did, and I used to give it when she was wrapped up under my left arm and either she'd be wrapped up in a towel or dh would hold her other arm down.

I have to admit there have been times when I've gently squeezed her cheeks to force her to swallow the drugs and then I always give a drink of water straight after.. I sing loudly sometimes,, her favourite song of the moment, or sometimes just as her favourite programme is coming on and give masses of cuddles and 'well dones' and 'clever girls' afterwards..

During getting the drugs in I sometimes also say 'mummy loves you and I know you hate me for doing this but we have to do it.. ' but I think this is for my benefit as much as hers!

We had to give a weeks worth of foul tasting anti biotics and liquid steroids which were so bitter and she hated me all week.. and they haven't bloody worked anyway!!

Having said all that she now seems resigned to the anti convulsants and seems to accept these 3 drugs without too much of a fight so when she's otherwise well we no longer have any major battles over drugs. But it took a while to reach this point. Don't give up hope!

Sorry for long reply but really feel for you. It's really hard but you have to find a way of taking control and not take personally all the protesting.. You are just being her Mum, taking care of her.. Good luck.

lovemylassies Wed 01-Dec-10 23:07:25

thanks so much ladies for all your help got the epilepsy meds suppositorie form it just this antibiotic to get down her will try the towel wrap and see how we go before i end up with broken nose or a black eye you got to love em monsters thanks again to all you lovely girls for your help and advice xx

mariagoretti Thu 02-Dec-10 19:45:56

don't let your gp off the hook too easily, saying only comes in 250mg. it might be the 'best' antiobiotic but it won't be the only one.. what if she was allergic, they'd find another

sorry abt crap one handed typing

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