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Received DPA records after complaint to Information Commissioner

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sugarcandymistletoe Tue 30-Nov-10 15:45:41

I've just received two huge bundles from CAMHS! I'd made a DPA request months ago, but the psych was insisting that they wouldn't release records to parents as they had a right to withold information if they felt that it 'wasn't in the child's interests' (DS was 10 at the time).

I had a series of meetings with CAMHS about this but they wouldn't budge. In the end, I never needed the records for statementing/tribunal, but I'd put in a query to the ICO to clarify the legality of the CAMHS decision. Clearly there was no justification for witholding records as the trust sent out them out as soon as the ICO decided to investigate.

I wanted to post this really to say that dealing with the ICO was very straightforward - I sent everything through their website after I scanned in my DPA request letters, proof of posting etc. So if anyone is having trouble with getting information released, don't be afraid of taking it to a higher level - hopefully when more parents make complaints like this, organisations will realise they can't keep fobbing us off!

SausageMonster Tue 30-Nov-10 18:40:26

Well done Sugar - great result.

That's what we have laws for - for us to use them. grin

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