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Bit miffed. AIBU?

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chocolatespread Mon 29-Nov-10 22:25:42

DS2 has a dentist about an hour away (where we used to live) whom we've kept because he's great with him, and that's a precious thing. He had an appointment at 2 today that I didn't want to cancel because it's a follow-up following a gum infection and anti-biotics - I did wonder if tooth pain might be a reason for a rough patch at the moment. I

had intended for DS1 to go to after-school club so that it wouldn't be a problem getting back to school for him, but when I saw the weather this morning, I asked school if I could take both DSs, because the forecast was treacherous, and I really didn't know if we'd get stuck in snowy weather and get back in time for him and I reallly don't have anyone I could ask to look after him til we got back. I was told it'd be an unauthorised absence. I was then asked if I could keep him home tomorrow because his 1:1 wouldn't be there. I agreed, because he simply has to have his 1:1. But, is tomorrow going to be 'unauthorised'? And what about the times recently when I've taken him home midday because 'he's a hazard to the other children'?

I don't mind being reasonable and helping out and keeping him home if they need me to, but surely there must be a bit of give and take here?

chocolatespread Mon 29-Nov-10 22:47:05

OK,from the silence I guess IABU. It's just I think that I keep DS2 home at the drop of a hat for them when they need me to, then for practical reasons I had to take DS1 to the dentist with us, and it's 'unauthorised'! Night, night, all!

Al1son Mon 29-Nov-10 23:12:06

Hi Chocolatespread,

I've come across this attitude too. When DD1 had a GP appt soon after she started high school due to anxiety about school they rang me an hour later to find out why I hadn't brought her back because she was missing vital lessons, yet when she was off altogether with anxiety it was ok to take a month to arrange meetings to find a way to get her back in.

Double standards at their best.

To be honest I couldn't give two hoots whether an absence is authorised or not. I know you can get prosecuted if your child has too many but after the hash that's been made of DD1's provision I'd quite relish the opportunity to have my say in court.

I don't think YABU but I wouldn't let it bother you to much.

purplepidjrobin Mon 29-Nov-10 23:25:01

I don't know if you're being U or not.

It would make sense to give an unauthorised to DS1 because he left early.

If they are giving DS2 an unauthorised because they sent him home, I would query this. And make sure it goes down as an exclusion because that gives you evidence that they can't handle him...

bigcar Tue 30-Nov-10 10:47:48

did you take ds1 with you in the end? I would have done, especailly if it is a one off on your part!

has your ds1 got an official exclusion for all these times they are asking you to keep him off/take him home? You should be getting something in writing and using this as evidence to improve his statement as provision isn't sounding good enough. Apologies if you're already doing this or I've got the wrong end of the stick smile

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