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Is this OTT or a nice gift ...

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honeybeetree Mon 29-Nov-10 21:02:18

I work in a pre school supporting a child and would like advice please .... over December we will be making various christmas things for craft.. usually we hand the craft over after each session...I thought it would be nice for the child's MandDad to have a box wrapped up with the things the child has made inside..just think they need a boost... is it nice or OTT?

sumum Mon 29-Nov-10 21:09:11

I think that is a lovely idea, could it be done for all the children in the setting, I think any parent would like it.

TheLifeOfRiley Mon 29-Nov-10 21:14:01

Bear in mind if all the other children are coming out with these things at the end of the session the parents may be crestfallen thinking their child hasn't done any xmas crafts. Also will the child be wanting to take it home at the end of the sessions?

It's a lovely idea but if you're going to do it I would let the parents know they'll be getting everthing in one go. You sound lovely BTW to be thinking of something that will cheer the parents up, my DS has special needs and if anyone in RL thinks to ask about me and how I'm doing I'm usually so touched I go home and cry! blush grin. smile

honeybeetree Mon 29-Nov-10 21:14:23

I have a lazy crap inexperenced leader who thinks that it is waste of time to do what I described... she also neglects my 1-1 but that is a story for another thread.

honeybeetree Mon 29-Nov-10 21:18:53

riley good point will tell his mum that we will gove all in 1 go... I do think about the parents and strive for a good relationship with them as at the end of the day they are the ones who look after, guide, support, help their children and it is a hard hard job.. I have the child for 2.5 hour sessions and I am tired by the end of it...

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