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TAC meeting

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WaftyCrank Mon 29-Nov-10 20:13:56

Hi, I've posted here before asking for advice about DS.

We've had his first paed assessment which went well and we are seeing her again in 3 months for a review.

His preschool have been great with regards to support and getting things moving and they told me this morning there will be a TAC meeting next week with his paed, speech therapist, nursery workers and an ed psych. I will be there too so I just wondered if anyone had any advice as to what will happen/what it will involve?

beautifulgirls Mon 29-Nov-10 22:16:50

At our first TAC meeting the SENCO for the school took the lead and everyone was introduced to each other to make sure we all knew who was who and what their role is or might be. I then did much of the talking about what had happened so far, what my current concerns were and then the various professionals asked questions to me and the school staff about their experiences with DD and these issues etc. We took the most important points and made an action plan of things to do to try and move forwards, in our case to try and get a proper diagnosis put in place, but also some suggestions made by the professionals to the school about things they could do to help based upon our experiences so far. We had a second TAC meeting arranged near the end which we recently had so that we could feedback what had happened, make new plans etc. So far it has been a very productive process for us, though ongoing with diagnosis. Based on one particular suggestion brought up at that first meeting we feel a huge step further on than we were already.

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