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Is clinical psych report as good/same as ed psych report?

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meagle Mon 29-Nov-10 13:04:38

My son, 13 years, was referred to ARD team at local CAMS by the doctor treating him for OCD. The report concludes he has mild ADHD and PDD 'other'. We want to apply for a statement as his school does not support him well, despite me trying to get help for 2.5 years. My question is, is this report enough to back up a statement, or do we need to get a private Ed Psych report as well? Clinical pysch's report says he has low average reading score (10 yrs 11 mths) and Numerical Operations a shocking 4 years 8 months. Son is about to sit SATS, and I'm conscious that time is running out to get him help before reaching GCSEs. Any advice on statementing process would be hugely appreciated!

SausageMonster Mon 29-Nov-10 18:28:55

Hi Meagle

At 13 years old time is running out to get your son the support he requires - sad, but true.

Is he on Schools Action Plus? - he should be as he is being seen by CAMHS.

Does he have an IEP? - he should have if he's on Schools Action Plus.

has he seen the Local Authority's Ed Pysch? If not he should have as he's being seen by CAMHS. Don't wait for school to refer him, you can ring the Ed Pysch and refer him yourself.

Support at school is not provided in response to any particular dx but is provided to support identified difficulties.

I'm suprised that the Clin Psych at CAMHS was easuring his reading ability etc - that's the role of the Ed Pysch.

I'd be inclined to initiate a request that make lead to a Statement by writing directly to the LA with your request. the IPSEA webiste has some information on how to do this.

School will probbaly try to dissuade you from applying but ignore them.

If you feel the CAMHS Clin Psych supports your view that he requires a Statement, then include the report with your request. If you feel it doesn't then just make the request based on your own identification of his difficulties and state he is already being seen by CAMHS who have noted....

As you know - you don't have time to hang around. The Statement process takes up to 6 months and Statements are not issued after age 16 (statutory school age).

One thing you ca do immediately for him is to write to school pointing out he has OCD and requesting additional 25% time in exams. My son has OCD and has this. OCD interferes with cognitive processing so it could take him longer to read the question / formulate and write his answer. School may grant this or may call in ed pysch to grant this.

Definitley woth doing as he'll get extra time in his GCSEs

Best wishes

meagle Tue 30-Nov-10 13:40:50

Dear Sausage Monster - thanks so much for your detailed reply. It confirms all my instincts. He's never been put on School Action plus (tho' he was at primary) coz crap SEN told me (and I took him at his word) that he wasn't 'bad' enough, and that none of his teachers had raised him as a problem. His OCD has improvement immensely after treatment and he's no longer receiving treatment. Do you think we can still ask for the 25%?
We're seeing the lead Prof at CAMHS because he told us he would recommend statementing for son, but when we received the report there was no mention of this. Main recommendation is for us to talk to discuss assessment of special needs with school.
He hasn't seen LEA Ed Pysch - school gave him a LASS test after 2 years of me asking, and a SALT assessment. Both demonstrated poor working memory and difficulties with understanding meaning of wide range of vocab. The clinical pyschology report says a cognitive assessment was required in order to determine his level of intellectual and educational functioning. The WISC-IV was used, if that makes any sense to you.
I will call LA now - I feel so panicky that we've lost so much time. thanks again for your help - no doubt I will post again with lots more questions!

SausageMonster Tue 30-Nov-10 18:11:12

Hi Meagle

Yes, he should definitely get 25% extra for OCD even if it's managed by medicatation. It's a variable oondition - my DS gets 25% and he's on meds for OCD. You'd also qualify based on the SALT assessment that showed poor working memory and difficulties with understanding meaning of wide range of vocab. Definitely write to SENCO and ask for 25%. The SENCO will then need to obatin that concession from the exam boards ready for when he does GCSEs.

It sounds as though your primary was good but junior school has preferred to ignore his difficulties. That's quite common. It all boils down to money - support is expensive.

CAMHS are usually very reluctant to get involved in educational issues. They may recomend an assessment for a Statement but it's up to the LA whether the LA initiates that assessment. Hence CAMHS's main suggeston being that you talk to school.

As I said he should definitely be on Schools Action Plus and have an IEP drawn up with your input. If school look as though they are dragging their heels then apply durectly yourself to the LA for an assessment that may lead to a Statement - with the SALT and CAMHS reports as evidence of his difficulties.

The Clinical Psychologist should underatke the cognitive assessment themselves - that's their specialism. WISC-IV is one of the tools more commonly used by Ed Pyschs and you should insist that both types of pyschologists start to undertake a full assessment of both cognitive (Clinical Pysch) and educational strengths and weaknesses (Ed Psych).

Glad you feel that you will pursue this to get your son the level of support he is being denied. It's sad but true that unless you are pushing school for that support he will continue to be denied it. It's very easy to ignore and overlook one child in a secondary school setting.

He needs support quickly to make up for the lack of support he's rceeived since primary school and that's even more urgent because in a few years he'll be doing GCSEs and will be at a disadvantage.

Best wishes

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