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The OT report is in, its a bit lame!!

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Ineed2 Sat 27-Nov-10 14:42:01

Dd3's [8] OT report arrived yesterday, I have read it twice. It does say that she is only on the 16th percentile for motor skills and the 23rd pecentile for visual perception both are below average.

It also says that they noticed hypermobility in her elbows and thumbs and reduced shoulder stability. It mentions her lying across the desk and complaining about her hand hurting in the writing test and the fact that she struggles with a knife and fork. There is brief mention about her sensory issues. It does mention that she insisted on wearing a wooly hat for most of the test grin.

It concludes that these things are not significantly impacting on her performance and says they are discharging her!!

I don't quite know what to feel... We now have it in wrting that her physical skills are below average and that she has some hypermobile joints but there is so much that they said when they were here that they haven't mentioned or sent with the report.
They mention about low muscle tone in her upper body they said they would send me some excersises for her and some information about sensory issues.
I feel like once again because she may be borderline her issues are not taken seriously .

Her poor motor skills are impacting on her more and more and are a complete opposite to her academic abilities.

Oh well back to the drawing board again and still we wait for a CAMHS appointment.

Ineed2 Sat 27-Nov-10 15:02:48

Sorry after all that I forgot to say, should I go back to the GP and ask him what to do about the physical stuff or wait until we have been to CAMHS?

SummerRain Sat 27-Nov-10 15:09:53

I'm sorry about the report not being what you expected Ineed sad

I think a lot of services such as OT are under funding pressure atm and sadly patients like your dd wyho are borderline are going to be the ones to suffer because of it.

I hope the gp and CAMHS are a bit more helpful.

beautifulgirls Sat 27-Nov-10 21:02:06

I wrote to our OT when our report came back with similar findings (though her fine motor skills were on the 2nd%) and said something along the lines of thank you for explaining the tests and her results so clearly. Given your report notes all these problems I don't see why she is being discharged. Clearly she needs help and whilst I appreciate you have many other children to deal with, every child should have the right to the help that they need and I am not very happy. I hadn't expected it, but I quite quickly received a grovelling phone call and a block of therapy and follow up reviews from there. It is definately worth getting in touch and pushing that you need some guidance to get started with therapy and that you want to ensure no deterioration over time too, so a follow up review too please.

Ineed2 Sat 27-Nov-10 21:47:42

Thankyou both for your replies,

Beautiful, I have done that before too when I recieved a paed report that looked as if it was for another child. She was very quick to write back and apologise. Maybe that will be the answer, I might ask the GP first he hasn't had to do much maybe he might recommend something.

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